what is your personal branding goal

What is your personal brand goal?

I think most readers here already know that personal branding really matters nowadays. It helps enable many people to communicate with others. As a result, a community gets created bringing together like-minded people who are able to connect on a higher level. A strong personal brand is not about being famous on the internet. It’s not about having an enormous amount of followers either. Have you ever asked yourself what is your personal brand goal?

Know what your personal brand goal is

Before you start working on your personal brand and begin to put your time and energy into it, you really need to be aware of what you really want. Some people just want to be famous while others want to use their personal branding to magnetize like-minded people and build a community. Some people use it to encourage others while promoting self-development. Some want to become a professional or are working to advance in their industry or career. Then, there are others who use it to connect with customers and create opportunities to get new leads. Each of these goals are very different and broad. However, the term “personal branding” can create many possible outcomes. Below are some examples. 

Your personal brand goal is to be a thought leader

Regardless of any topic or industry, this goal is grand yet challenging. The good news is that it’s achievable. To be someone who is considered a thought leader, you must provide great ideas that are worth sharing within the world of social media. Such thoughts and ideas must also have an impact and have an affect on the community so grand that it could potentially change the world to be a better place. For this, you have to earn trust from the thoughts you share and make it positively impactful for your personal branding. For this you need a medium that allows you to express your thoughts, communicate with others, and create a following. This can be done on platforms such as Medium and Twitter.

Your personal brand goal is to find new leads

Once you build your authority on social media, you’ll create the opportunity to start sharing your products and services. Developing a well-thought out landing page to collect your new prospects will be a key step in your process. Your strategy might be to build your community around Instagram and Twitter. This will lead to greater awareness of who you are and what you stand for. Part of your personal brand goal is not just not just let them know you. But you’ll benefit greatly by getting to know them too. This can be accomplished by creating your landing page where people are willing to give their contact information to you. This is where you’ll reach out to your new prospects and start getting feedback on who your list of community members really are.

personal brand goal
personal brand goal

Breaking it down

Some people might have big ambitions to become an inspirational thought leader. It will likely take a very long time and it might just seem impossible in the beginning. But trust me, today no one knows your capability better than yourself. To make it realistic, you need to break down your grand goal into smaller goals. And try to achieve your goals in milestones. It can be done in months or even broken down into each week or each day. How many blogs will you write per month? How often will you research and post per week? How many Tweets you will put out per day? Contributing your thoughts consistently and thinking with a long term vision is a must in achieving your personal brand goal.

Keep measurements on the feedback you get. It might be a comment you have on your blog or a reply you get on Twitter. Your goal is growing 10 followers per week. If you cannot reach 10 per week, you just need to step back and ask yourself why. This can be one of your smaller goals and asking why can lead to an answer that’s easier to figure out. For example, you may send a tweet at the wrong time. You send tweet at night but your audience may not be active at night. When you keep figuring out the small problems every week, in the long-term you will be more likely see and figure out your big personal brand goal.

Choose the right path to reach your goal

After you become aware of your personal brand goal then you must decide which way you will go. For example, if you want to share knowledge from your research, you may consider writing a long form blog. Going into depth as much as possible in your post might also be the perfect place to download your research white paper including technical details. Your goal is to become a professional in your career or industry, then you know text form is best for you. Or perhaps, if you dream to be a professional photographer yet you’re still studying in college, the way to build your career path is to put your work out there on social media. You might want to include your behind the scenes and relatable content and techniques on YouTube or Vimeo.


Each individual’s personal brand goal is different. But once you first become aware of your goal, then break it down, you will walk the right path. With this, you’ll know what you want to be and what you are doing to achieve it. It will make more sense for you as you set to accomplish your personal brand strategy and get closer to reaching your goal.

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