What are some personal benefits of remote work?

“You’re so lucky that you get to work from anywhere you want.”


When I tell people that I work remotely, I often receive comments similar to this. I must admit that I much prefer working from home or a cafe or anywhere else that has WiFi connection than at a typical office. And yes, sometimes I do work at places with an ocean view. Remote work may not be for everyone though. There are definitely some pros and cons. For me, the personal benefits of remote work are totally worth it.


Career Life

Prior to resigning from my career job and typical 9-5 work week schedule, I did wake up every morning to go to the same location around the same time and saw the same people. Working for UCLA Medical Center as a Clinical Certified Prosthetist and Orthotist definitely had its pros. One of the best things about it was that I developed genuine relationships with amazing colleagues and patients on a daily basis. Plus, my job satisfaction was pretty good overall. It was highly rewarding and challenging, and the company benefits were great too. However, after over 10 years of working at UCLA in a career position, I felt that I could still do more, be more, and ultimately, live more.


There are several good reasons to transition your team to work remotely. I’m happy to share just a few of my personal benefits of remote work just in case you’re thinking of doing the same.


Location, location, location

The first obvious one is the fact that I do get to choose where I get to work from. Having the flexibility and the option to work from home or elsewhere is one of my top personal benefits for remote work. A few advantages of working at home include a quieter setting, less distractions, and not having to commute to an office. Of course, this will not apply to everyone because everyone’s home life varies. Clearly, this is something to consider. But no commuting means a chance at greater productivity, less stress from sitting in traffic, and saving money on gas.


Also, working remotely at different cafes and other settings allows me to meet new people and expand my network. If you don’t get out to new places, you’ll never see new things or make a new friend from another part of the world.


Family first

Just this past year, I’ve been able to spend more time with my family than ever before. As you become wiser through the years, you start to gain a different perspective on life. You have a clearer understanding of what matters most. For me, spending time with family and other loved ones is the most valuable time I can spend. It’s never a waste of time and I never take it for granted.


Not having to be at an office every day of the week gives me the flexibility to support my nephew and watch his weeknight baseball games. I can also spend quality time with my niece after she returns home from school. It’s the little moments that are more frequent that becomes valuable over time. Being able to be there for my family is one of the greatest things I can give and I’m grateful for that.


Exploring more

I can see how people would feel that I’m lucky to work from anywhere I want. To a certain extent, I can. I get to explore areas that I probably wouldn’t get to see and do. Although, the cost of traveling is a big factor. Having family and friends living in different countries is extremely helpful, both financially and socially.


Being able to work in various countries around the world is a huge personal benefit of remote work for me. It’s one of the main reasons why I chose to pursue a remote work life. Spending time with family who live in different parts of the world wouldn’t be as likely if I continued with my typical career position.


The benefits of exploration while working remotely is more than just venturing into new cultures, environments, and different regions of the world. To explore the world is to explore the mind. It satisfies curiosity, adventure and the human spirit of evolving. I believe that each of us has a purpose in life and without the chance to explore oneself, we may not be able to reach our full human potential.



Working remotely may not be everyone. For me, the personal benefits of remote work are worth every bit of instability, risk, and reward. There’s so much to see out there in the world and more importantly, within our inner self. Working remotely has allowed me to grow, expand, and continue evolving to love my full evolution.

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