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6 reasons to transition your team to remote work

Thanks to the internet, we’re able to collaborate with team members from different parts of the world.

At Squiqr, we’re happy to have a remote work team. The following are 6 benefits that I have found to be great here at Squiqr. I hope you will find them to be beneficial for you too.

I can design my day

People are more independent because of mobile and the internet. I don’t think it’s necessary for an entire team to go and sit in the office from 9 – 5.

In my opinion, it is the traditional people who still do the 9 to 5 grind without re-thinking that we don’t use landlines and fax machines anymore.

In the old days, teams were required to be in one place because of communication issues. It wasn’t very developed as it is today, and back then it cost companies more money. But today we can communicate with our team members so much more efficiently.

Today sending a message to a team member is faster than physically walking to their table and asking a question.


Because I can design my own day, I make sure to set aside some time to play sports and go to gym. I choose to go at anytime depending on my daily tasks. Sometimes I’ll go in the morning before work and sometimes I’ll go during the midday. I found that this allows me to stay active and healthy.

My diet has improved too. I no longer have to rush to go to work and spend a lot of wasted time in traffic. I got my hours back from the commute and I use it wisely to prepare a healthy breakfast and to also do some meditation in the morning.

More focus

At the office, I used to have people call my name or ask questions frequently. I got distracted by so many things throughout the day. I knew I had to be alert and was always ready to help my team on the spot if need be. But remote work is different. Our system of asking and answering questions within our team is much more efficient.

Our approach to sending a quick email or a short message on Slack at the start of the day or the end of the day is all it takes. I found myself doing the same thing too. My co-founding partner and I are better focused on our own tasks and as a result, better at collaborating too. Because we can manage collaborative tasks with other people at our own free time, I am able to have more focus on other people’s request, questions or decision making.

More time-efficient

Because I have more focus on work, I can complete each of my tasks faster and move on to the next one quicker. I do things that are work-based on results not time-based. Every morning after breakfast, I organize my tasks for the day.

At the end of the day I found that I can achieve them more efficiently. And most often, I have plenty of time to exercise in the morning or during midday. This does not affect my tasks because the work I put in is task-based. If I have 2 tasks set, I will complete it according to my plan.

Money wise

People spend more money on rent, their car and food because they usually have to live in the area close to their office. Most people would rather not commute too long to go to work. But people pay more in apartment rental, on their car payments and food. Here is what I found. With remote work, I don’t have to pay for fuel or public transportation to go to work.

I don’t have to pay a high amount of rent in a certain city or area because I can basically be anywhere I want (I can pay more in rent too if I want to have a nice big apartment in the city). I can save my money from food and I usually drink only one or two cups of coffee everyday. I don’t sacrifice on my good coffee but I do have more time to brew it on my own, which is a lot cheaper.

Also benefits to the company because rental office space in business area is cost a lot of money. In 2017 Automattic (Word Press Company) Close down it own office in San Francisco. Because no one come to work at the office.

24/7 Hustle

Because we’ve wanted Squiqr to be a remote work team from the start, my partner Mark and I agreed to work in different time zones. He is in California, USA and I’m in Phuket Thailand.

When I begin my day of working, he is finishing his work and then when I finish, he starts up again. I found that we both benefit from the 14 hour time difference and it helps improve our progress. Imagine every time you get up and find tasks that are already completed. How good it is, huh.


Remote work is beneficial for both the company and the personal individual. It will improve company productivity and also help make each team member experience self-improvement at the same time.

Business owners: If you are a business owner who has never been in a remote work environment, you can start by switching your tools. Changing your way of working within your company and transitioning your team to be more online can be better and more efficient for everyone involved.

Job seekers: If you are searching for you dream job that allows you to work from anywhere in the world, you might find our people page very interesting. We’re more than happy to read your CV and see how we can possibly build our remote team to be even stronger and wider across the globe.

Interested in becoming a Squiqr Contributor? Please contact us at [email protected]

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