6 reasons why you should stop using business cards at networking events.

Today no one looks at business cards, so why are you still printing (and wasting) them?

Sometimes people forget, they just do things from habit. This is a checklist for you to see whether or not you have this habit and maybe you realize don’t need to have a paper business card anymore.

You think you have too many business cards from networking events
How many business cards have you collected so far? You have too many and you sometimes feel annoyed when you try to find a specific card, or you tend to have them all over the place – in your cardholder, your wallet and in your backpack. And in the end, you can not find a business card that you need.

You throw every single business card away
Many times you receive business cards from a person at a networking event or after meeting and in the end, you realize your wallet is swelling, and you just throw them away. Most of the time you just use it to type a persons name in your mobile phone.

You use the card because you are tired of name spelling
When you have to go to meet people who speak a different language, many times, especially if you’re a foreigner, it is tiring to spell your name and email address. In the end you just use a paper business card to help you out with this. For the remaining part, you feel is it unnecessary to have it.

You do more than one thing
How many cards do you have to print and carry around with you? People who think like this are freelancers, bloggers, vloggers, music producers, or students who work on part-time jobs and yes, last but not least, business owners. Hobbies such as your music track or vlog which you upload on YouTube every week are also important. You want to promote them and share them with people you know, but you want to separate them out from your business.

You have your smartphone with you all the time
If you think you have your handy devices with you all the time, every day, all day, you never leave home without it, and you already work and communicate with people via mobile device. You are aware that when you receive a business card you will have to add all contact details into your phone, having your phone with you at all times, assures you won’t miss any new networking opportunity.

You are Eco-Conscious
You are living in an Eco lifestyle and you care about our impact on nature. You feel happy every time when using degradable straws and reusable cups. You subconsciously know people will throw away your business card sooner than later. You know your business card will be labeled as trash. You also don’t want to be irresponsible to your environment.

You see yourself having habits like the five points mentioned above, but you have never considered to stop using paper business cards because people around you are still collecting them. With Squiqr the digital business card, I’m sure you can have a more efficient way in connecting with people, in giving your contact details to people in a smoother, smarter, quicker method without losing your professional look.

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