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Squiqr – Twitch Design : Business Cards for Streamer

Are you a Twitch Streamer looking for a way to get more viewers? This “Squiqr Style – Twitch Design” personal branding QR code will help you bring people you meet in person right into your Twitch stream.

What is Squiqr ?

The benefits of using Squiqr (Personal Branding QR code on iPhone) is to make sure the person you want to contact has your all your contact information saved in their phone address book. Using this way you are able to skip the middleman aka, business cards. With a swift scan of your personalized Squiqr code, they will have your name, phone number, email address, company name, position, location address and most importantly, your “social media handle” or “long url”.

revolution of the business card

Squiqr Personal Branding Business Card


What is Twitch?

Twitch is a live streaming video platform owned by Amazon. It is a platform for people who want to share their live videos with their audience. At first, it primarily focused on video game streamers. However, there’s also a large community of “In Real Life” streams. For example, artists, musicians, travellers and many other types of people share their talent by live streaming their particular activity while communicating with audiences in real-time.


Twitch has become a big hit around the world and you’ll find countless creators streaming on Twitch at any given time of day. Regarding statistics in 2018, it had 2.2 million broadcasters monthly and 15 million daily active users.



Squiqr Style – Twitch Design

A new collection was launched on the same day of TwitchCon 2019, which took place in San Diego, CA. The global live streaming community is growing and we see Twitch as one of the best streaming platforms to build a personal brand. 


Squiqr Style – Twitch Design (Visit my stream)


Squiqr Style – Twitch Design (Bits)


Personal Branding QR code business card
Send all of your contact info to the scanned phone


Twitch Design is a part of our Squiqr Style Collection

Squiqr helps streamers by making sure that their contact info including their personalized link to their Twitch stream gets automatically stored into their Contacts list. Anyone can choose a squiqr style that offers different colorful designs to best match their personal brand. 


Inspire from Twitch branding and “Bits”

Bits are virtual good or “coins” people can use to cheer and show support for other streamers they like. The concept of Squiqr is to first, meet people, then share your contact information and bring people you meet into your community (this can be your live stream, URL, Discord or other social media link). And the concept of knowing more people and bringing people in is your goal. If your goal is to have people come hang out and watch you or to support you by sending you some “bits,” you can start by using “Squiqr” 



Caring about the environment

From our first announcement, we aim to replace paper business cards with digital business card in order to make a positive social and environmental impact. We’ve come up with an alternative solution to wasting paper while saving trees. Since everyone has a smartphone, we’ve developed a smoother, smarter, and greener way of sharing contact information minus the excess greenhouse gas emissions. By minimizing, and perhaps, eliminating the use of paper business cards, we can create a major impact on our environment. It will reduce carbon emissions related to deforestation and decrease methane emissions related to paper waste. A staggering statistic showing that ten billion business cards are printed each year is one good reason to make the eco-conscious switch to Squiqr. 


Start live streaming and get Squiqr on your smartphone today!

We believe that building a personal brand should reveal one’s true and authentic self. Live streaming raw video will expose someone’s true personality. This is why we think video streaming is something people should consider while they work to build their personal brand. And it’s also the reason why we have created “Squiqr Style – Twitch Design



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Interested in becoming a Squiqr Contributor? Please contact us at [email protected]

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