Squiqr 6 Packs

All Squiqr Packs include your personalized Squiqr code in each design. Mix it up, reflect your personality and make more genuine connections!

Look for new designs every month!


Featured Squiqr 6 Pack

Help expand the this grassroots movement for our youth, our planet, our future. Proceeds will help support #fridaysforfuture and our future generations.

Become a climate change ambassador and inspire others to be the difference.


My name is

You’ll get all 6 designs with your name on each the vertical styles.


Rainbow Radness

Yeah, you. You’re RAD.


It's Pineapple Time!

Who doesn’t like pineapples?!


Mmmm donuts

Donuts make the world go ’round.


I'm the QUEEN

Yes, you are. Yes. You. Are.


Puppy Love

Fun, loving, furry friends.


V Gang

Introduce yourself as cruelty-free.


Greetings, my friend

Positive vibes, positive connections.


I'm a wild child

A little sweet. A little sassy.


Girl Power

The future is female.