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Share your contact information without typing in any letters or numbers

Share your contact information without having to type a single letter or number


Are you someone who likes making new friends? Are you a social butterfly? If so, you probably often give out your name and number to people who gladly save your contact information into their Contacts list.


No more typing in name and numbers

How many times have you had to repeat the spelling of your name? Listing your phone number again and again? With Squiqr, this can now be a thing of the past. No more awkward moments of spelling out and re-spelling out your name as your newfound friend fumbles to type in your one of a kind, uniquely spelled out name.


Unless you have a simple-spelling name like Joe or May, you may have to repeat your name. Even then, May can be spelled M-A-E. People like being different. Yeah, it really doesn’t take that much longer to spell out names, especially short ones like Joe and Mae. However, auto-correct can be a little annoyance too. Foreign accents can throw us off as well.



Little numbers on keypads and human fingers (especially fat ones) don’t make the best combination for saving someone’s phone number. They’re not exactly a fluidly synced pair like coffee and donuts or gin and tonic. Repeating, backspacing and retyping does take a little extra effort and time. The thought of needing to slim down one’s finger girth can be good thing, however.


Problems solved

A swift scan of your Squiqr code is all it takes. With your own personalized Squiqr code, there’s no need to spell out your name and repeat your phone number three times. A squiqr code contains all of that info that you normally say so there’s no need to well, say it. Instead, you can spend that moment of time talking to your newfound friend and getting to know them a little better.


In addition, you can also talk about how much smooth’r, smart’r and quiq’r it is to use Squiqr to give our your contact information.


Multiple Squiqr cards

The cool thing about Squiqr is that you can create several different Squiqr cards. You can make one that’s more suited for your professional network and one that’s more appropriate for your social network. After all, sharing your Instagram profile with everyone may not be the best idea for some of us.


Squiqr PRO

As a business professional or savvy networker, this is a good way to get your contact information into your new prospect’s phone. At least you’ll know that your name, number, title, phone number and email are saved into their phone. With paper business cards, there’s a high likelihood that your contact info goes straight into the wastebasket.


It’s for a good cause

Squiqr is trying to change the way people exchange business cards and their contact information. Since most of the 10 billion business cards printed every year get thrown away within a week of being exchanged, there has to be a better, eco-friendly way to doing this.


We hope Squiqr is the force behind the much needed change.

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