These apps allow you to scan QR code business cards

We at Squiqr focus on people creating personal contacts through human interaction. We found that business cards is the traditional way that people use to represent their personal brand.

Since we’ve released an alpha version of our “Squiqr QR Code contact for everyone,”  the most frequently asked question I get from users is, “how can people scan me?” Well, it’s just easier to use the app they already use every single day.

Now, let’s see what type of Apps people can use to scan your contact.

Scan QR Code by iOS Camera App

Camera App
For iOS, you can simply use your Camera App. iPhone users have a super convenient, automatic access contact by default. And Camera App is work perfectly fine with Squiqr. You can see here how Squiqr works. However, we found that most of the cameras on Androids are not able to scan by default. So I recommend our users to ask Android phone users if they can use one of these apps below.

Scan QR Code with Google App

Every Android phone has this App. Just open it and you will see in the search bar tab in the “Camera icon.”

Point to towards the Squiqr card. But it will scan everything in the camera including text. Google users need to tab on QR code to let the App know you want to get information from it.

Scan QR Code with We Chat App

Many Android users who use WeChat are able to scan a Squiqr code by going to Contacts > Add Contacts > Scan QR Code

Ohter Scan QR Code App

Other QR Scanner Apps
As we’ve tested so far, it seems like all of them are able to scan a Squiqr code.

It’s easy for iPhone users but when you use Squiqr to share your contact to an Android phone, simply ask them what application they use. Google, WeChat or any QR Code scanner App will work just fine. Last but not least, if you have your blog or try to build your brand on social media QR code for personal brand also create more visitor to your website you should have yours for next time you meeting new people.

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