revolution of the business card

The revolution of a business card

Squiqr is not just designed for business people but for anyone who wants to make a change including students, freelancers, startups and corporations who are socially responsible to our planet.


If we talk about 10 years ago when businessmen or businesswomen give and receive one’s business card, it gives us a feeling of formality and professionalism. After they receive a business card from someone, they will keep it in a place called a cardholder. Any time when people think of someone or when they want to contact that person they will open that card holder. But times have changed…

Behavioral change

Today people use a smartphone to connect with each other. People change their behavior. When adding a contact in our phone and interacting with friends, family or business prospects, we do all of that with our smartphone. But people still do give a business card after meeting someone or while at a networking event. The question is why? Because after people receive a paper business card, most of us add the contact from a paper business card into their phone and throw away paper cards in the end. The purpose of a business card today is just to be in the middle of two devices for a very short period of time.

Environmental change

Ten billion business card are printed each year. And eight billion of those will be thrown away within a week. Moreover, our planet loses 15 billion trees a year. Yes “a year”. Because we know that cutting down trees is one major cause of climate change.

Solution & our vision

Squiqr is a new revolution of the business card. We eliminate “the middle man called the business card”. Squiqr gives users a convenient way to share their contact info from their phone to someone else’s phone without losing the look and feel of a professional touch. Your contact information will show up on a scanned smartphone in a very personal way and Squiqr keeps your privacy as much as you give someone your business card in person.

Who we are

Squiqr is founded by Mark Suarkeo & Tun Karnjanakul. They each come from different backgrounds and share their passion for protecting our environment and living a sustainable lifestyle. Our team works remotely. We create and design how we work under our 3P Pyramid Model all of those bring us together a sustainable lifestyle and tech-startup. And it turns out > Squiqr. You can get your own free Squiqr > here

Thank you for supporting us. 💚

Interested in becoming a Squiqr Contributor? Please contact us at [email protected]

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