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Personal branding QR code on iPhone

QR Code on iPhone has become mainstream

An iPhone can scan a QR code by default with its native camera App since iOS11 has been released. Now, QR codes has become widely used. It’s so much easier because an iPhone user can just open their camera App and point it at a QR code. It’s much more useful when exchanging social media information. It’s also very helpful in financial technology such as Alipay and WeChat Pay in China, PromptPay in Thailand, or Paytm in India. It can even be used in the transferring of Bitcoin and other types of Cryptocurrency


A personal brand is more important

Today, many people are building their online personality on social media because one thing that social media represents is “branding.” Why? Because when we think about a website, we see it as a good place for distributing information. However, no one really checks out your website daily or even weekly. For example, let’s say 20 of your friends have their own website and they try to write their blog every single day. You have to enter 20 different websites to check their new blogpost every single day. Compare that to you logging in to one or two social media accounts and seeing all the latest blogs and other updates from your friend.

And because social networks are good for “branding,” we see today that most corporations have included social media as part of their business strategy. From this we can see and can guarantee that branding is seen on social media platforms. And it’s not just business branding because anyone and everyone can build and work on their personal branding on these platforms too.

It’s in the best interest for you to start building your own personal brand and it’s not complicated anymore. It’s not just about celebrities needing to have good looking personal brand image. Thanks to our everyday gadgets, technology and camera equipment allow us to have nice personal brand image easier. With all the things combined together you can create the source of content however you wish. You can publish your content on your blog post or in video forms all on your own. The last important thing is to share it on social media and keep communication open while reaching out to like-minded people.


QR Code combining personal branding

When branding or marketing meets with technology, we often see new solutions from marketers who use technology to get engage with audiences. Personal branding QR code on iPhone is a brand new form of building one’s personal brand. And from what I had mentioned above, after iOS11 was released, we’re able to send and receive data through camera lenses. We also see that personal branding with a QR code on the iPhone has become very popular. 

To give an example for someone who is a photographer, sharing their knowledge on taking photos is a great way to showcase their expertise. It’s also a good way to get people to engage by commenting on your post. An example post or topic that a photographer can share would be, “9 Tips on how to shoot personal branding photography”


Why personal branding QR code on iPhone?

  1. No need to print business cards
  2. It make a positive social and environmental impact
  3. Faster to send contact info (Watch video)
  4. Get more views


QR code on iPhone

Summary: Make sure they have your contact details

The benefits of using Squiqr (QR code on iPhone) is to make sure the person you want to contact has all your contact information saved in their phone’s Contacts list. Using this method, you are able to skip the middleman aka, business cards. With a swift scan of your personalized Squiqr code, a person will have your name, phone number, email address, company name, position, location address and most importantly, your “social media handle” or “long url.”

What do I mean by long url? Without your own domain name on your own website, most people are using the same services online. And because of that you will end up using a very long url. Moreover, if you have a very common name such as John, Alex, or Mellisa, it’s likely that the internet won’t have your name available. You may end up with creating some new name for your avatar or adding some letters. For example, your social media handles can be “” Because of this problem, every person can benefit from having their own personal branding QR code and it’s helps you go paperless with digital business card.


Who get benefits from QR Code personal branding

  1. Twitch Streamer
  2. YouTuber
  3. Instagram Influencer
  4. Twitter thought leader
  5. Blogger 
  6. Photographer portfolio website
  7. Music producer
  8. Podcaster 

Here is the video how fast to send contact to someone by QR code. Hope you have a nice day ☀️



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