Toss out your business cards for good.

Say good riddance to your paper-wasting, money-draining, out-dated, thrown-out anyway business cards.


Why make the switch to
Squiqr PRO?

It takes more than 3 gallons of water to print one sheet of paper.

27 MILLION business cards are printed each day in the US alone. 88% of those cards are thrown out within a week.

Is it even worth it?

Switching jobs and changing positions happens all the time.

That’s a lot of paper, ink and a whole lotta waste. No need to print new cards again, we’ll just update your Squiqr code.

ROI much?

Studies show that a company’s sales increase an average of 2.5% for every 2,000 business cards handed out.

Progress is good.

The origination of business cards dates way back to 15th-century China.

Making Connections With A Higher Purpose

The world’s biodiversity depends on our forests. Aside from the the huge array of insects, birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, plants and trees that live there, rainforests are also home to indigenous communities around the world. More species are becoming endangered every year and families are losing their homes and way of life.

Deforestation from paper production is causing millions of acres of carbon trapping trees to be destroyed yearly, releasing billions of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere and contributing as much as 25% to the causes of global warming. We rely on trees, which create the oxygen we breathe and remove and store harmful carbon dioxide, helping to reduce the greenhouse effect.

In addition, paper waste, which accounts for 50% of a company’s waste, emits methane. Methane is another type of greenhouse gas that is 20x more potent than CO2 trapping heat into our atmosphere.

Replace Your Paper Business Cards

Save our trees

27 billion business cards are printed daily. That's a lot of paper, pollution and a whole lotta waste. Take climate action now.

Be socially purposeful

Connect mindfully and contribute to bettering our ecosystems and the lives of others. Make more conscious, purposeful connections.

Spend wiser

Squiqr cards last forever saving time and money all the while you're protecting our planet. It's an eco-conscious, smarter way of doing business.

Decrease waste

50% of business waste is composed of paper. No need to re-print cards or throw away unused ones. We'll just update your Squiqr code.

Small Biz or Enterprise

Ready to go paperless? No matter what size your business, our team is happy to help.

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Take your networking skills to another level. Start making purposeful contacts now.