Toss out your business cards for good

Our partnership with Plant With Purpose helps to provide 1 new tree planted for every Squiqr business card purchased.


Why make the switch to
Squiqr PRO?

It takes more than 3 gallons of water to print one sheet of paper.

27 MILLION business cards are printed each day in the US alone. 88% of those cards are thrown out within a week.

Is it even worth it?

Switching jobs and changing positions happens all the time.

That’s a lot of paper, ink and a whole lotta waste. No need to print new cards again, we’ll just update your Squiqr code.

ROI much?

Studies show that a company’s sales increase an average of 2.5% for every 2,000 business cards handed out.

Progress is good.

The origination of business cards dates way back to 15th-century China.

Thanks to our partnership with Plant With Purpose, you help to reverse deforestation and restore life and land

Tree Nurseries

Community tree nurseries provide tree seedlings to be used in reforestation on family farms and their surrounding hillsides. Plant With Purpose trains nursery committees on how to prepare seeds, how to properly shade the young seedlings, and when to plant them.


Trees heal eroded and barren hillsides, which makes them more productive for local farmers. They are vital for preventing soil erosion, and they can restore soil by bringing buried nutrients to the surface, and scattering leaves that return organic materials to the soil.


Agroforestry is the process of incorporating trees into agriculture systems. This can make farming both more productive and more sustainable. Trees help provide shade and nutrients to food crops, while holding soil on steep plots of land while providing many of the same ecosystem services as the native forests.

Small Biz or Enterprise

Ready to go paperless? No matter what size your business, our team is happy to help.

Calling all Savvy Networkers

Take your networking skills to another level. Start making purposeful contacts now.

We're proud to support eco-conscious companies who've gone Squiqr Pro

"Using Squiqr Pro has saves us money. We've had to update email addresses and it was just a matter of having new Squiqr codes made. If we had paper cards, we would've had to reprint new ones and throw all the old ones away. Saving money and unnecessary waste is a win-win."
Jennifer Santiago
HR Manager
"This is the most sensible way of distributing your information in trying to grow your business! It's EASY, CHEAP, and ENVIRONMENTALLY EFFICIENT! It puts your contact information in your clients phone, NOW with ease, with no wondering if they will ever have your information to call you back! This is a GAME changer!! Thank you for this product!!Proud user of your product!!"
Thane McWhorter
Business Owner