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Are you evolving as a person? Personal evolution is a life journey

Life begins at 40, so they say. For me, evolving as a person just happened to become more obvious since living through 4 decades of my personal life evolution. Personal evolution doesn’t just happen overnight.

After going through some significant personal life changes recently, it occurred to me that personal evolution is born out of a greater sense of personal awareness. We all have a choice in how to live our life. Each of us can choose which path to take as we continue to carry on with our journey, which we call life. As Deepak Chopra states in his article, “The Secret to Personal Evolution,”

“Participate in your own consciousness. Pay attention to being alert and aware. As you do, you will develop new skills in awareness that will affect every choice you make in life.”

It’s all about the self-journey

The path that I have chosen to take is guided by the feelings that create a sense of self-worth, excitement and purpose in life. It’s true what they say about aging. As you get older, you also become wiser. The better you know yourself, the better your life becomes when you are experiencing true awareness. You begin to understand what’s good for you. Knowing that you deserve to live a joyful life helps you pursue your inner potential.

Life’s lessons

Acceptance, compassion and letting go of the things that occurred in the past has allowed me to move forward graciously. Knowing that we can be the author of our own life and control our own destiny has also enabled me to experience personal growth. It’s what psychologists have termed, the internal locus of control. This is defined as, the belief that events in one’s life, whether good or bad, are caused by controllable factors such as one’s attitude, preparation, and effort. The external events including people and other uncontrollable factors simply don’t matter when you live life with consciousness and awareness.

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I’ve also learned that forgiving others is only possible when you first forgive yourself. Similarly, I believe self-love is necessary before having the openness and capabilities of loving others. Wanting to become a better person and consistently moving forward towards one’s full-potential is a never-ending expedition.

Being attentive

Realizing my higher purpose in life makes it a bit easier to know which direction to go towards. Suddenly, there’s more certainty in making decisions. Also, the people who no longer serve you for the better seamlessly fade away. Positive intentions become the focal points in your personal life. Making new friends and building authentic relationships with like-minded, positive individuals starts to occur naturally.

personal evolution building genuine relationships
Photo: Priscilla Du Preez | @priscilladupreez

Living intently with peace and calmness helps to clear the mind and allow my intuitive thoughts to guide me. Moving on with faith, trust and confidence leads me to personal expectations.

Being goal-oriented and serving a daily purpose in life helps me stay on the track of the ongoing development of personal evolution. Having this awareness motivates me to continue expanding and evolving. It’s a great feeling.

It takes time and patience

Evolution is typically defined as, a gradual process in which something changes into a different and usually more complex or better form. Remember, good things take time, and I’ve learned to be patient and trust the process. There’s no need to rush. And, why would I?

Appreciating every single moment is the key to being present and aware. Meditation helps to slow things down for me, especially when it comes to the mind. Stress, worry, old conditioning and bad memories can no longer have a negative effect.

Developing new habits and focusing on the positive things leads to creative thoughts and ideas. There is always room for improvement. It truly is a journey and takes times to evolve.

A conscious choice

Being genuinely happy for others and wishing the best for all, regardless of how someone has treated you is a conscious choice. I believe it’s a smart choice because it has allowed me to personally evolve and consistently live the purpose I’m meant to have in life. It’s good vibrations for everyone involved.

Commitment to evolving

Personal evolution is a continuous process. When you commit to it, there’s progress. Some simple questions to ask yourself to know whether you’re evolving as a person may include:

  • Am I learning about myself more?
  • How can I do more for myself than I did yesterday?
  • Am I enjoying my way of life?
  • Am I doing things and making choices that are more positive?
  • Do I see a positive vision of myself in the future and what I am doing to make that vision come to reality?

Evolving as a person doesn’t necessarily have to take 40 years to do. For me, it’s a continuous journey of personal growth. Knowing myself a little bit better has helped guide me to the life I wish to pursue.

I’d love to know how you’re evolving as a person too. If you want to connect with me, please contact me here. I’m all about building positive, authentic relationships.

This article was based off my own personal thoughts and opinions. Thanks for reading.

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