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Personal branding photography in New York

New York has always been one of the top places in America to capture photos. With all of its iconic landmarks, diverse culture, and creative artists, it’s no wonder photographers love shooting photos in The Big Apple.


Thanks to New York City’s super skyscrapers, pretty parks and open landscapes, world class photographers are given the chance to show their personal brand and touch through images. Personality, brand mission, and purpose each make up a photographer’s personal branding. It’s really what sets one apart from the rest. 


The way an individual captures their subject or landmark represents what that photographer is all about. It’s also the experience that they provide before, during, and after their photo shoots. A photographer’s personal branding is also what leads them to acquire clients and jobs. Through social media and digital images, such creative artists are able to share their love, passion and stories with the world.


Personal brands of New York Photographers

Born and raised in NYC, Dondre Green portrays his stories that reflect a feeling of home and human connection. Just thumbing through his Instagram account, @dondregreen, you’ll get a good sense of his local knowledge and raw New York swagger style. Photographers can really take advantage of sharing their work on social media while building their personal brand.


Also based in New York City, Farraz Essani explores his journey of purpose through nature, moments, people, culture and life. Farraz’s landscape photos give one the feeling of living life through exploration.


Paul Reiffer captures New York Cityscape’s wonder through his landscape photos. Seeing his photos’ vibrant colors and bright lights show why New York City is dubbed as the “The City that Never Sleeps.”


Behind the lens


Personal branding photography is more than just a photographer’s images. There is the unseen, behind-the-camera knowledge, attitude, and personal mission of the photographer that most aren’t aware of.


More than just a logo, font, and colors, personal branding is deeper than that. It’s the connection that one has with their passion and the people they work with. A good personal brand also reflects what one stands for.


For example, a nature photographer would likely care about the environment and its inhabitants. Taking photos of natural landscapes is really an extension of who they are. One who captures the beauty of trees, rivers, and mountains would have a great appreciation for nature.


Nature lovers who take beautiful natural landscape photos capture life beyond the image. It is through their digital images where they can really show their vibrant colors while revealing what they stand for. Personal branding is much different compared to business branding.


Saving and sharing responsibly


Having a paperless business card that uses images would be a perfect solution for a nature photographer who wants to save trees. It gives them the chance to not only share their beautiful work, it represents their personal brand and their love for nature.


This digital form of personal branding still maintains an individual’s personal brand. Even more so, it enhances one’s unique values, care and social responsibility for the environment.


Learn how business cards are a waste of natural resources.



The wondrous natural landscape of New York may often be overlooked by the big City of Dreams. The bright lights of the city does tend to outshine New York’s farms, forests, rivers, lakes and mountains. However, as you can see from the photographers mentioned above, New York is certainly one of the top places in the world to be photographed and a great place to build one’s personal branding photography. 


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