Personal brand strategy

Here’s why it’s good to come up with a personal brand strategy

The personal brand will become more important because people are searching for freelancers more than ever before. This is a good reason why people should develop a personal brand strategy. This will help open up opportunities in the future by doing more networking and sharing one’s thoughts to reflect your personality and professionalism.

Today the future generation is reshaping the future of work. 74% of the managers who are from the younger generation are more likely to embrace a remote working lifestyle and freelance work. A survey from 6,000 U.S. workers show that in their fifth-year, Americans are spending more time freelancing for a total of more than one billion hours per week. 

This means that if you are in college or are currently working in an organization, the way we work in the near future might change. We can use brand advertising as a case study. Branding used to be seen advertised in magazines and on television but today branding is found on search engines and social media advertisements. And also the talent seeker job board is now online.

Photographers use Instagram as their portfolio. Hotels use Facebook to connect with people. Product designers use Pinterest to show their products. Sales managers use LinkedIn to find a new job. The world is shifting…

The question is, how will you let people know what it is your good at? What is your profession? People must learn to be a storyteller and promote their skills and their hobbies so that they can connect to their network. Now more people share more contacts by opening up their thoughts. Be independent. 

Here are 5 personal branding techniques

1. You are the content

I think people have a misunderstanding about how to build a personal brand and what it takes to plan a personal brand strategy. People think they have to be a guru until they can share their thoughts. My question is how long will it take until you will be a ‘successful’ one? It could take maybe 20 years to be guru, maybe longer. Maybe you won’t be able to be a guru in your lifetime. So you should not wait. My suggestion is to just do it. Create a strategy. Be yourself, be you. Make yourself as a source of content and start sharing your thoughts. This is what a personal brand is all about.   

2. Strength in your brand name

Use the same method as businesses do to build their brand. Having the product name the same as the domain name is important. When someone searches your name, they can find your blog post, which will allow them to know exactly what you are all about. Write and share your blog post under your URL to be the same as your name. The good thing about this is that you’ve already established a good reputation before others meet you in person. And all the original content from you are under your name. This helps you to have a strong brand.

3. Use social media as a publisher

Another important personal branding technique is to use social media as a tool. Think about it as if you are using different publishers to publish your content into different platforms. This will help to access a wider audience and also reach different groups of people. Because you never know what channel you will engage more audience. Some people are on Twitter and Facebook and some of them are on YouTube. You can communicate with your close knit groups who are in your field or and you can reach out to new people.

4. The Internet allows you to stand out on a local and global scale

Your personal brand can be a local or global brand. For example, a local business such as car service center or watch shop can reach a global audience. A personal brand can build trust in your audience because they see you share your thoughts and activities online. Having good feedback from reviews helps you gain a good reputation for your brand too. So people are likely to know you more than just a franchise watch shop from another city. On the other hand, you can also make your brand spread out of your city or even to another country too. 

5. You don’t have to be a business owner

Before companies hired employees within a 20KM radius. But today companies are hiring talent from all around the world. In 2017, The New York Times published Silicon Valley Wouldn’t Work Without Immigrants.

“The U.S. is sucking up all the talent from all across the world,”

John Collison, an Irish immigrant, is a co-founder of Stripe 

People don’t have to work in the country they are born in anymore because of the internet and the technological world of Apps. Canadians don’t have to end up in Toronto. Singaporeans can leave from Marina Bay to go to Thailand. New Yorkers can end up working near the beaches of Bali. This is what’s happening right now. So it means that if you’re good at something, you have to show off your talent. Think about yourself as a brand and then market the brand to the prospect customers. That will open up the doors of opportunity.


Building a personal brand needs to be created with a personal brand strategy in mind depending on what you want people to hear from you and what you want people to think about you. The important thing is to not fake or saturates yourself because people can feel it. Just be yourself; the same person online and offline. If you do it the wrong way, personal branding may become much harder for you in the long run.

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