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How to meet new people in a new city as you are introvert

Getting to know more people and making new friends in a new city is sometimes difficult, especially if you are an introvert. This article will give some tips and ideas and help you meet new people in a new city.

In this blog the content will cover all this topic below.

  1. Reset your mind 😇
  2. Join a meetup event 🤝
  3. Have your hobby 👨🏼‍🎨
  4. Try a new activity
  5. Socialize at a nightclub 🕺🏻💃🏿
  6. Join an online local community or get active on social media 📱
  7. Offer help 🙌🏼




1. Reset your mind

You have to understand that in the new city, people can be different. Resetting your mind and being ready to make new friends and create new opportunities is a good way to start. For example, if you used to live in the capital city living in the downtown area filled with people and skyscrapers and then you move to a city on the oceanside, you will find people are living a completely different lifestyle. They will also have a totally different mentality. 


You are the new face in town. In the beginning, you might find that people think or act differently or have different perspectives. However, if you re-adjust your mind to the local people, you will see things differently and it might just open your vision to discover more of yourself too.


2. Join a meetup event

Meetup events always open the door for new opportunities. Here are three benefits of joining a meetup event.

  1. You’ll meet new people: It’s guaranteed that you’ll meet new people at every meetup event. And because you will meet like-minded people in each group, you may find some of them to be your closest friends.
  2. Discover new places: Most of the time meetup events will be in different locations depending on group interest. For example, if you join a Meetup event with a Book club they might meet at some cool coffee shops. Or rock climbing people might meet at the rock climbing wall and a Latin dancer group may meet at Mexican food restaurant. Cooking people might meet at various cooking schools. And by this, you will discover new places throughout the city.
  3. Improve your social skills: The more you go out and talk to people, the more you will improve your social skills, especially if you are an introvert. To improve your social skills, you need to meet more people and talk about different topics while engaging with different kinds of personalities. You will have a chance to learn this from all the small talks you will encounter. You’ll be able to handle a conversation and keep the conversation going in different groups and with different types of people. Socializing skills are something you can develop with practice and experience.


3. Have your hobby

Having a hobby always connects like-minded people to come together and expand one’s social circle. Have you ever met a random person at a bar and when you talked to them, you found out that they have the same hobby? Usually, you’ll end up talking about your shared passion for a very long time. When you have your hobby and you post a photo on social media, people may find you if they are looking for something fun to do on the weekend. Having a hobby is another good way to connect with individuals or groups. This is another way to meet new people if you’re not comfortable going to networking events. This limits some anxiety and fear that you may have from not knowing anyone at such events. If you cannot share much in the conversation, I recommend you to start by joining a networking event that’s related to your hobby first. This is the reason why having a hobby is good for your social life.


4. Try a new activity

If you’ve already met some people in your hobby circle and now you want to meet even more people, it may be time to try a new activity. Or what about looking into a new hobby? You can look for a hobby from the things you like to do. Finding something that’s similar or related to your current hobby is a good way to expand your circle of like-minded friends. You may even consider creating something on your own. If you like reading, why not start writing a book? If you love to go swimming, why not try some kind of water sport such as scuba diving or kayaking for example. 


When you start from something close to your current hobby, it is easier to enjoy learning something new. It’s also much easier and more natural to talk about and share other activities you do. For this, you want to meet new people but it doesn’t make sense to just join any random activity or hobby. If you don’t have a genuine interest in it, you will not be able to stick to the group and you definitely wouldn’t enjoy that activity for a long time. Learning about new activities and making genuine, lasting friendships take time.


5. Socialize at a nightclub

If you think that going to a nightclub is not an option because you will only find drunk people, I’d like you to open up your mind a bit. Nightclubs and bars are one of the best places to see people in a new city or town. But you have to be aware about the people you talk to and how you interact. Many people do go to bars and not drink alcohol. You may be able to spot them easily. One good sign is that they don’t have an alcoholic drink in their hand. If you do drink alcohol, try to not drink until you get dizzy. Remember, you only have one chance to make a first impression. 

But to go out to nightclubs or bars, it’s good to prepare your social skills because most people go with a group of their own friends. If you are by yourself, it may be more challenging to engage in their conversations depending on the types of people out.

Here are some tips you can try when you are going on a night out.

  1. Enjoy yourself first: Make it simple. You go out because you want to have a good time and have some fun on your own. You may just go out to listen to the music from a live band. That is simple enough to give yourself joy.
  2. Set tonight’s goal: Set a simple goal before you go out. For example, you may say, “I will talk to at least 2 new people.” If you do this, you are pre-programing your mind. You’ll have a mental image and intention on what you would like to accomplish. In this case, if you want to meet 2 new people, you could politely include yourself into people’s conversations who come as a group, for example.
  3. Know where to be: The place you will sit at the bar is also important, especially for introverts. You can enjoy yourself very easily just by sitting in a dark corner while people-watching. By simply watching what’s around you, you may already enjoy the atmosphere. However, from the outside people may look at you and think that you want to be alone. They might not want to come to your space and disturb you. So you have to be open to communicate with others and find a good spot where people will easily see you and come to talk to you. 
  4. Do not stick to only one person or group of people: This does not mean you have to speak to many people all the time. But for example, when you know someone and you go out to the bars together, you may tend to forget about talking to another person. You may stick to this one person because you know them already. Remember that you are going out to make new friends and meet new people. (you can add how to meet new people

6. Join a local community on get active on social media

You can find many kinds of local community groups on Facebook. Find one or two that match your interest or your hobby. This is an alternative way to communicate with new people. After joining the group, try to engage the conversation and post helpful info to the community regularly. Don’t forget about your online personal branding and make sure you have a nice profile photo including clearly written info on your profile page. You can read from this article about personal branding photography. It has some tips to improve your personal branding on social media.


7. Offer help

This is different between going out to search for friends and going out to be their friend. And friendship is all about giving and helping one another. This is the most important part from all the topics I mentioned above. It’s one thing to go out, join groups, try new activities, and hangout with people in nightclubs. But if you only ask for help and not give something in return, you will find out that it’s difficult to maintain any kind of friendship. 

These days people connect with each other over social media and try to meet and add new people to the friends list, but the question is how many of them become your real friend?

I suggest that you pay good attention to conversations and situations you’re in. This will make it easier for you to determine if there is anything you can do to offer help. Normally when we help people, we will feel thankful and experience happiness in both of us. This is what creates trustworthy and sustainable friendships.





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