Try It Yourself

Follow these steps and use the iPhone image below

Open your camera app

You'll need to do this test on a desktop or tablet...or on someone else's phone.

Aim your camera at the Squiqr code

There's no need to press the camera's shutter button. Simply point the focus frame directly at the square box.

Look for a notification to pop up onto your screen

You may need to focus/refocus your camera if you don't see anything pop up within a second or two.

Tap on that notification to see your new contact's info!

Be sure to tap 'Save' to add Mark to your Contacts list.

Watch a 24 second video of how Squiqr works here

Didn’t work for you? Troubleshoot by visiting our FAQs page here.

Yup, that's it. Smooth'r, Smart'r, Quiq'r.