Covid quarantine a time for personal growth
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Covid Quarantine – a great time for personal growth

Being quarantined during these unprecedented times may sound like boredom and isolation for many. However, if you can envision the future, you will see that this current crisis is a great time for personal growth. It’s a time to pivot and to get your creative juices flowing. There are ways to continue on if you only just believe.


Embracing the pandemic

Unfortunately, there are people dying and millions losing their jobs. In certain parts of the world, people can’t even afford the basic necessities like food and water. Uncertainty is at its highest peak for many of us who’ve lived through other types of adversities.


One thing you can be certain of however, is the way you choose to handle this Covid-19 quarantine. Choosing to accept and embrace the fact that we should stay home and do our best to build our immune system is a good start.


Seize the opportunity

Focusing on what can be accomplished during this down time can help you gain a lot of traction. Life goes on under the Covid-19 quarantine and you must ask yourself, where will I be when this is over? Personal evolution is a lifetime journey. And what better time is there than the present moment to keep moving forward?


There’s no more waiting for the right time because the right time is simply imaginary. Truly living in the present moment despite the current crisis situation means that you’re not a victim of time. This time for personal growth is a time to discover your new vision.


Coming out of the Covid crisis with a purpose

Seeing Covid as a challenge rather than a crisis can help alter your way of thinking. Your emotions will move toward seeking the positive outcomes as opposed to the negative consequences. Seeing this moment as an opportunity is a great time for personal growth. This will light up your fire and uplift you towards taking action. We’re all in this situation together. One thing you can ask yourself is, what can I do to make my situation better? Or better yet, what can I do to prevent this pandemic from happening again? 

Getting through the pandemic crisis purposefully-driven for social good can create the ripple effect within your circle. Each of us has the capability of creating positive change.


A great time for personal growth 

Turning quarantine life into a time for personal growth is the best thing you can do. The key is to focus on what you’d like to accomplish and work on it everyday. Developing the habits to get you through each and everyday will turn a quarantine way of thinking into a growth mindset. Getting through the mundane means getting your mindset shifted towards the opportunities that lies ahead.


A few daily to practice and get some personal growth include:

  • Living in the present moment
  • Accomplishing the task today, not tomorrow or next week
  • Live each day with a purpose and a desire to serve others
  • Focus on your daily goals
  • Keep going. Don’t stop.


No matter what the situation we are in, your time is valuable. Do what you love and love what you do even in a world of Covid-19.


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