personal branding photography new york

Personal branding photography in New York

New York has always been one of the top places in America to capture photos. With all of its iconic landmarks, diverse culture, and creative artists, it’s no wonder photographers love shooting photos in The Big Apple.


Thanks to New York City’s super skyscrapers, pretty parks and open landscapes, world class photographers are given the chance to show their personal brand and touch through images. Personality, brand mission, and purpose each make up a photographer’s personal branding. It’s really what sets one apart from the rest. 


The way an individual captures their subject or landmark represents what that photographer is all about. It’s also the experience that they provide before, during, and after their photo shoots. A photographer’s personal branding is also what leads them to acquire clients and jobs. Through social media and digital images, such creative artists are able to share their love, passion and stories with the world.


Personal brands of New York Photographers

Born and raised in NYC, Dondre Green portrays his stories that reflect a feeling of home and human connection. Just thumbing through his Instagram account, @dondregreen, you’ll get a good sense of his local knowledge and raw New York swagger style. Photographers can really take advantage of sharing their work on social media while building their personal brand.


Also based in New York City, Farraz Essani explores his journey of purpose through nature, moments, people, culture and life. Farraz’s landscape photos give one the feeling of living life through exploration.


Paul Reiffer captures New York Cityscape’s wonder through his landscape photos. Seeing his photos’ vibrant colors and bright lights show why New York City is dubbed as the “The City that Never Sleeps.”


Behind the lens


Personal branding photography is more than just a photographer’s images. There is the unseen, behind-the-camera knowledge, attitude, and personal mission of the photographer that most aren't aware of.


More than just a logo, font, and colors, personal branding is deeper than that. It’s the connection that one has with their passion and the people they work with. A good personal brand also reflects what one stands for.


For example, a nature photographer would likely care about the environment and its inhabitants. Taking photos of natural landscapes is really an extension of who they are. One who captures the beauty of trees, rivers, and mountains would have a great appreciation for nature.


Nature lovers who take beautiful natural landscape photos capture life beyond the image. It is through their digital images where they can really show their vibrant colors while revealing what they stand for. Personal branding is much different compared to business branding.


Saving and sharing responsibly


Having a paperless business card that uses images would be a perfect solution for a nature photographer who wants to save trees. It gives them the chance to not only share their beautiful work, it represents their personal brand and their love for nature.


This digital form of personal branding still maintains an individual’s personal brand. Even more so, it enhances one’s unique values, care and social responsibility for the environment.


Learn how business cards are a waste of natural resources.



The wondrous natural landscape of New York may often be overlooked by the big City of Dreams. The bright lights of the city does tend to outshine New York's farms, forests, rivers, lakes and mountains. However, as you can see from the photographers mentioned above, New York is certainly one of the top places in the world to be photographed and a great place to build one's personal branding photography. 


Cool digital business cards

Cool business card for young blood

Are you not the type who wants to be a businessman or businesswoman who needs to dress in a suit and work in an office building? Do you dream of becoming more independent and unlocking yourself from old business traditions? Those who are willing to follow follow their own dreams and perhaps be a freelancer can travel the world and work from anywhere.

There is a way to create and live this kind of sustainable lifestyle. You’ve ditched using plastic cups and are using recycled fabric bags and have a vision of caring for the environment. You know it’s good for yourself and for our society’s future. Cool digital business card Aka Squiqr will be the solution for you.


Problem we found it happen to young generation

Many of you young bloods are social media savvy and live your everyday life searching and meeting new people. But maybe you’re tired of sharing your personal social media profile to every new person you just meet? Ask yourself, do I feel uncomfortable showing my bikini picture from the last hawaii trip to them? If yes, you need Squiqr to be your main point of contact with new people.


People should keep fun things fun

You might use IG, Tiktok, Twitter, Twitch Streaming for keeping close connections with your friends or maybe you like to entertain. But at the same time you need to keep it personal and fun only. Research shows that engagement is down a massive 26% since 2017 because people are moving to other places for more focused platforms on things they are really interested in. And because your hobby or side business is different and unique, it needs to fit in with the same kind of crowd. For example photographers or freelance graphic designers may have an online portfolio website and software developers may have a profile on GitHub. The person who is working in digital marketing might communicate with people on Telegram group. We see strong signals that many people want to separate their life from their work. They want to have a professional place for skills and keep fun things fun.


New gen don’t print

This paragraph might point out what your generation is. If you are generation X or Y or older, you may find that you still have printed some documents in the past few months. But to the generation Z or Millennials (if you are one of them) many young bloods have stopped using paper completely. Young bloods have found that it’s convenient to be on mobile and living an almost complete mobile life. Young bloods are thinking out of the box and breaking the business tradition by becoming themselves as much as possible. They grow up and study from their computer submitting essays online to the university. Growing up working online, becoming a digital nomad, building an online store or online portfolio, using a mobile wallet in everyday life, and even checking in their flights from mobile and using boarding pass app when they travel is normal for them.


They do this not just because it’s convenient, but they look at it from a sustainable perspective. The young bloods are aware of wasting paper and its negative effects on the planet. It’s also not safe anymore to keep documents in paper. Young bloods use cloud drive to save all the important documents and photos. This includes their contact list, which can be uploaded to the cloud to make it a safer place to be found.



Cool digital business cards for young blood

Be prepared, be quick, be cool and be sure. People you meet will get your contact information into their phone in a flash. By this digital way, you can make sure they save your contact info to their phone. This makes your contact sharing easier and faster while you’re not wasting paper by handing out a traditional business card. With Squiqr you can have your own cool digital business card on your phone. You can see in this link on how to make yours. There are many different card designs on our Squiqr Style Page. The designs are made to reflect one’s personal style and personality. Or if you are professional we have Squiqr Biz. Join the force now,  be different and help make a major impact in the world.

personal mission statement helps with your personal brand

How a personal mission statement helps your personal brand

Mission statements are important Fortune 500 companies and globally recognized brands. However, they're not just for corporations anymore. A personal mission statement can help anyone develop their personal brand. It represents what a company or a person stands for. These well-thought out, intently written declarations define a core purpose. They provide guidance and direction towards achieving predetermined goals. They are essential in navigating employees of such large companies to stay on course with its vision, values, and overall reason for existing in the marketplace.

Without a well-crafted mission statement, a company would be like a ship without a compass. Companies that don’t take the time to have one would likely lose its direction and ultimately, get lost at sea.

A major study that was cited by co-authors Teresa Amabile and Steven Kramer in their book, The Progress Principle, revealed something worth considering. They found that, of all the events that engage people at work, the single most important - by far - is simply making progress in meaningful work.

Employees who are inspired by a vision and a purpose will work towards progressing forward. It gives them reason for showing up to work everyday. The power of progress is fundamental to human nature. We thrive within the feelings of achievement and accomplishment. Appropriately, we tend to experience a higher life satisfaction when we live a meaningful life worth living.


Your personal mission statement and personal brand is worth sharing with the world

Being an employee of a small or large company doesn’t mean we can’t have our own personal mission statement. In fact, we all need one if we wish to carry out our true purpose in life.

Regardless of what kind of job, trade, practice, or activity we are pursuing, crafting a personal mission statement can help us in developing our own personal brand. After all, a personal mission statement does goes hand in hand with personal branding. It’s really about what we stand for as a human being. It’s establishing what we are here to accomplish in life while sharing our personal story and life purpose so that we contribute our truest self to the world.

All of this of course, requires time, patience, and introspection. Examining our own thoughts, ideas, and feelings is a great way to come up with a personal mission statement. However, there’s no need to have one set in stone because personal evolution is a life journey. And as we evolve, our personal mission statement may slightly change too.


“Follow effective action with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action.” 

 - Peter Drucker


Self-reflection is a great source for gaining personal knowledge. Increasing one’s awareness and becoming conscious of what kind of social impact we wish to have in the world is also good for our human needs. Understanding what value and wisdom we can share with the world will help fuel our inspiration to serve others.

personal mission statement helps personal brand

Doing this will help guide us with focus, clarity, and determination. Ultimately, anyone will be able to come up with a personal mission statement that can provide the direction needed towards living one’s highest true self. From here, you can establish your personal brand goal and share your mission with the world.


On a mission for the greater good

So, what does a good company mission statement look like? Here are some examples below of companies that exist for a higher purpose and how their brand has developed into something worth supporting. 


Company’s Mission Statement Examples:

JetBlue: To inspire humanity - both in the air and on the ground.

JetBlue supports giving in the areas of youth and education, community and the environment. By supporting community organizations that positively impact the environment, JetBlue has established their company brand as one that promotes health and sustainability. 


Patagonia: Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.

Patagonia has stayed true to their core values since they first started with a small group of climbers and surfers. Standing by their mission has enabled them to grow their world-renowned branding that demonstrates a bias for simplicity and utility.


Spread More Smiles: To light up our world one bright smile at a time.

Spread More Smiles uses the simple, yet universal language of a smile to spread more kindness and goodness in the world. Through sales of their inspirational clothing and collaboration with their various non-profit partners, fondly known as “Partners In Smiles,” they are creating a community of compassionate people who wish to make our world a brighter place for people and animals all around the world. 


spread more smiles positive influencer
Spread More Smiles inspires kindness and compassion with the help of their Partners in Smiles.


Prezi : To reinvent how people share knowledge, tell stories, and inspire their audiences to act.

Their values, which include care and teamwork has allowed millions of their users to spread their ideas that’s more likely to resonate, motivate, and be remembered by others. Guided by their company’s mission statement, they’ve helped others come up with creative ways to solve problems more effectively.

As you can clearly see, each of the brands above stand for something greater their existence. The people behind the scenes are all fueled by their mission and their reasons for being in the marketplace. As a result, customers are drawn to supporting them while feeling that they contribute to fulfilling the company’s mission.


Creating a culture through your personal mission statement

A company culture is cultivated by its people and the mission statement. The foundation of a business, especially one that is purpose-driven, stems from the person or group of people who started it. Social entrepreneurs, industry leaders, activists, and impactful influencers are well known for what they stand for. They naturally develop a personal brand that other people are drawn towards. They become influential leaders and create a community of believers. As a result, a cultural movement is born from their passion and commitment to the values in which they live by.

Such leaders have developed their own personal mission statements who continuously stand for what they believe in. They see it as a tool and driver of success for their companies. They also see it as a way to not only develop, but to maintain a strong sense of who they are.


Here are a few examples of effective personal mission statements written by highly successful and inspirational people. As you will see from their statements, their values, personality, and perspective on success is reflected by how they live their life.


Sir Richard Branson - Founder of the Virgin Group

“Have fun in your journey through life and learn from your mistakes.”


Oprah Winfrey - Founder of OWN, the Oprah Winfrey Network

“To be a teacher. And to be known for inspiring my students to be more than they thought they could be.”


Amanda Steinberg - Founder of

“To use my gifts of intelligence, charisma, and serial optimism to cultivate self-worth and net-worth of women around the world.”


Elon Musk - CEO of Tesla

“If something is important enough you should try, even if the probable outcome is failure.”


Malala Yousafzai - Nobel Prize laureate and activist

I want to serve the people. And I want every girl, every child to be educated.”


A mission statement’s effectiveness applies to people just as much as it does to companies, big and small. These leaders all understand that in order to be an effective leader, you must have a solid understanding of who you are and what you’re willing to stand for.

Each of these leaders have developed their unique personal brand that is inspiring to people all around the world. They couldn’t have done so without declaring their personal mission statement.


Live your best life

We as individuals each have our own and unique life story. We don’t need to be celebrity CEOs or world renowned founders to have a personal brand. Maybe someday we’ll have a brand that the whole world will know about. But for now, starting out with our own personal mission statement may be the first step.

The way big-named branded companies are guided by their mission statement is the very same way that we as individuals should craft a personal mission statement to help with our own personal brand. 

Each and every one of us has a purposeful life mission worth sharing. Some of us don’t know what we’re here for and others just haven’t realized yet why they exist. Those who have discovered their reason for being are the ones who are living their best life and experiencing their truest and highest self. So, if you don’t know your reason for being yet, go seek within and come up with one. Remember to reflect on your ideas, your passion, and your personal why. Why do you exist here on earth?

I personally have come up with my own personal mission statement. And that is, to live your best life with freedom, fearlessness, and purpose and to love your full evolution.

Have you already written a personal mission statement? I’d love to know what yours is and see if there is a way for me to help you achieve it. Please reach out to me here at [email protected]


Personal branding QR code on iPhone

QR Code on iPhone has become mainstream

An iPhone can scan a QR code by default with its native camera App since iOS11 has been released. Now, QR codes has become widely used. It’s so much easier because an iPhone user can just open their camera App and point it at a QR code. It’s much more useful when exchanging social media information. It’s also very helpful in financial technology such as Alipay and WeChat Pay in China, PromptPay in Thailand, or Paytm in India. It can even be used in the transferring of Bitcoin and other types of Cryptocurrency


A personal brand is more important

Today, many people are building their online personality on social media because one thing that social media represents is “branding.” Why? Because when we think about a website, we see it as a good place for distributing information. However, no one really checks out your website daily or even weekly. For example, let’s say 20 of your friends have their own website and they try to write their blog every single day. You have to enter 20 different websites to check their new blogpost every single day. Compare that to you logging in to one or two social media accounts and seeing all the latest blogs and other updates from your friend.

And because social networks are good for “branding,” we see today that most corporations have included social media as part of their business strategy. From this we can see and can guarantee that branding is seen on social media platforms. And it’s not just business branding because anyone and everyone can build and work on their personal branding on these platforms too.

It’s in the best interest for you to start building your own personal brand and it’s not complicated anymore. It’s not just about celebrities needing to have good looking personal brand image. Thanks to our everyday gadgets, technology and camera equipment allow us to have nice personal brand image easier. With all the things combined together you can create the source of content however you wish. You can publish your content on your blog post or in video forms all on your own. The last important thing is to share it on social media and keep communication open while reaching out to like-minded people.


QR Code combining personal branding

When branding or marketing meets with technology, we often see new solutions from marketers who use technology to get engage with audiences. Personal branding QR code on iPhone is a brand new form of building one's personal brand. And from what I had mentioned above, after iOS11 was released, we’re able to send and receive data through camera lenses. We also see that personal branding with a QR code on the iPhone has become very popular. 

To give an example for someone who is a photographer, sharing their knowledge on taking photos is a great way to showcase their expertise. It’s also a good way to get people to engage by commenting on your post. An example post or topic that a photographer can share would be, “9 Tips on how to shoot personal branding photography”


Why personal branding QR code on iPhone?

  1. No need to print business cards
  2. It make a positive social and environmental impact
  3. Faster to send contact info (Watch video)
  4. Get more views


QR code on iPhone

Summary: Make sure they have your contact details

The benefits of using Squiqr (QR code on iPhone) is to make sure the person you want to contact has all your contact information saved in their phone's Contacts list. Using this method, you are able to skip the middleman aka, business cards. With a swift scan of your personalized Squiqr code, a person will have your name, phone number, email address, company name, position, location address and most importantly, your “social media handle” or “long url."

What do I mean by long url? Without your own domain name on your own website, most people are using the same services online. And because of that you will end up using a very long url. Moreover, if you have a very common name such as John, Alex, or Mellisa, it’s likely that the internet won’t have your name available. You may end up with creating some new name for your avatar or adding some letters. For example, your social media handles can be “” Because of this problem, every person can benefit from having their own personal branding QR code and it’s helps you go paperless with digital business card.


Who get benefits from QR Code personal branding

  1. Twitch Streamer
  2. YouTuber
  3. Instagram Influencer
  4. Twitter thought leader
  5. Blogger 
  6. Photographer portfolio website
  7. Music producer
  8. Podcaster 

Here is the video how fast to send contact to someone by QR code. Hope you have a nice day ☀️



Read more about how to develop good habits and becoming more self-aware.

Developing your personal brand is about becoming self-aware

Developing your personal brand takes time. It takes effort. It takes self-reflection. A true personal brand represents the value that one can share with the world on a consistent basis. It is not about self-promoting one’s personal achievements and life accomplishments. I believe that a valuable personal brand not only stands for something positive, it also inspires and educates others.



As you become more self aware, you start to expand your knowledge. This is where personal growth happens. Following your thoughts and emotions will help guide you towards your meaning in life. Soon, you’ll begin to realize your passion within, which will allow you to share your unique gifts with others. Having a good understanding of your thoughts, beliefs, emotions and your motivations is being self-aware.

Read more about what self-awareness is and how you can develop it.

It will lead to creating a community of like-minded individuals who support and believe in a common goal. This can result in having a great impact in the world and leading a group of people who will all benefit from growing, expanding and thriving in their inner and outer world.


“Nothing great in the world has even been accomplished without passion."

 -  Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel


Know what you stand for

An activist who is consistently pursuing their life purpose while sharing it with the public, for instance, is a great example of someone with a strong personal brand. Someone who stands up to defend human rights issues or works to end child trafficking or raises awareness on mental health is living their life purpose.

It all starts with becoming self-aware. Obviously, this takes time. It’s a gradual process of living, learning, and being in touch with who you are. Knowing what you stand for and why you wake up each day to carry out your vision is the never-ending path of developing your own personal brand through self-awareness.

Your personal brand is the journey of what you are becoming. Personal evolution is a life journey. It’s what you do on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis. Being self-aware is having a deep understanding of your values, your strengths, weaknesses, and reason for being.


Sharing is caring

Portraying and documenting your journey on social media will potentially create a greater impact and reach a larger network of people. We can all learn from one another and that’s why it’s important to share your journey and life purpose.

Remember, when you share what you have learned throughout your journey, you’re also helping others along theirs. It is the act of becoming a leader who truly cares about what they stand for.


“Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can't help them, at least don't hurt them.”

 -Dalai Lama


However, some of you may not feel the need to post photos, send tweets, or create videos. You just won’t have the reach that social media influencers tend to have. Yet, you can still have a personal brand that your peers, colleagues, friends would see in you.


Love your full evolution

But I believe we are all here to carry out our life purpose. We each have something to share with the world. We all have our own personal life story, our own hardships, and path towards self-awareness. It’s a never-ending journey that has its fair share of lows, struggles, and pain. Nevertheless, it’s a journey worth taking towards learning about the self and becoming the version of yourself.


9 tips on how to shoot personal branding photography

What is personal branding photography?

Now you know what your personal brand goal is from reading our previous blog post. This article is all about how to present a personal brand visually because photos can elevate the context around the brand. It is called personal branding photography.


Today, posting your best looking images is not just for models and celebrities. Because many people realize that their personal brand will become more important, we can easily find good looking portraits of business people, chefs, nutritionists, athletes, bloggers, ane even eSport streamers. These people are starting to see the importance of personal brand strategy. Now more than ever, people are building their online brand and creating content to showcase their skills and online personality. The sooner that people realize this importance, the more opportunity they can get from the future of internet.


In this article we dig into the details of a personal brand. One of the key elements is personal branding photography. We see the biggest player in online image gallery space is Instagram. Instagram’s daily active users (2019) now has more than 500 Million accounts worldwide. This is a significant amount to see the trends of a personal brand in a visual sense. This also shows why you should care about the image you use for your profile. But don’t panic! In the next section below, I will share with you some tips for improving your personal branding photography.



“We are making photographs to understand what our lives mean to us.”

Ralph Hattersley



Now let’s have a great looking photo by following these 9 tips

Hire a professional photographer

This way, if you can afford an experienced and skilled photographer, you’re almost guaranteed to have a very good looking image. But I know all of you may have your own reasons not to hire a professional photographer. But keep in mind, if you can squeeze in a professional photographer within your budget, it’ll likely pay off and you’ll get a much better outcome. 


Do it yourself

The alternative way is to do it yourself. Nowadays, many people are able to have a nice photo either taken by themselves or by their friends. Some of you might have the proper equipment and knowledge about photography. Even then if you don’t have the money for high tech equipment, many modern cameras already include advanced software and many features that enables you to make your picture look nice. 


Ok camera

The medium range of smartphone cameras can also give you good enough quality. Even the compact, no brainer cameras have good enough quality to get the job done. It doesn't need to be a DSLR to have good quality. For this topic, I will show you some tips by using your smartphone.


Smartphone Camera Tips

  1. Use portrait mode (iPhone & Google Pixel)
  2. Bring down exposure a bit
  3. Step away from the wall
  4. Take more photos
  5. Use live photo


Good looking dress

In this case, good looking dress means looking good in your style and connecting with your personality. For example, if you are a businessman or businesswoman you probably want to wear a suit. On the other hand, it’s not necessary to wear a suit if you are a firefighter or a chef. So the most ideal good looking dress should connect with your personal brand and also be good looking. Depending on your personal brand, career, or position, you might consider buying a new suit or dress or a new apron to appear nice and professional in your photo. Because old yellow stains on fabrics can make the photo look bad, which would not be a good representation of your hygiene, for example. 


Composition is important

Portraits that have good composition is probably more interesting. The normal portrait photos we typically see is just the subject standing in front of the background. But if you want to have better composition, you can improve this by just looking for the frame within the architecture and the background. Also, you can try to shoot from a different perspective. You can expose some objects in the frame to make the picture look different.


Watch Peter McKinnon’s guide about shooting better composition in his video.


Good background (connection)

For a personal brand photo, it has to have an interesting background. And be sure that

every element reflects your personality. You can try to go to different locations around your town and maybe find some interesting textures and colors for the background. And remember to step away from background a bit to get focus length on the object and a little blurriness in the background.



Good Lighting

More important than a subject having good composition, lighting plays a big role in photography. It will make the subject stand out from the background with the light direction affecting moods and tones. You can experiment about light direction by changing the positions of your light and your subject.


This video shows 4 different set ups of simple lighting to improve your photography.


Use color

Use the right color in your photograph. This is important because color is connected with psychology. In design school they teach the basic theory of color to students to help them understand how to choose the right color. We found some basic info on Wikipedia about color psychology.






CompetenceGood TasteMasculineSophisticationAuthorityRuggednessGriefHappiness










High quality









Pleasant facial expression

Even if you have great equipment or are in a stunning location, facial expression is the most important key to set the tone of your photograph. A serious look compared to a playful one are completely different facial expressions. To prepare for this before your photo shoot day, you can practice in front of the mirror on how you want to express your feelings and tones. You can try different facial angles and an open mouth smile or closed mouth smile and different eye expressions too. With your eyes, you can try to soften them or express a sharp focused look.


You can't fake your personal brand

In summary, personal branding photography should express true personality in each photograph. Having a beautiful, good looking photograph on your social media profile doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll get more attention. Yes, you may have one really good picture but thousands of other people have good pictures too. Then, the key is your “true personal brand personality” we also have personal branding tips and how to improve it.


You’ll know it’s great when your photography is able to reflect your true personality or your business out from it. The personal brand photography will do its job in many aspects. It’ll catch other people's eyes at first glance. That photograph can pique curiosity and questions or they may answer the questions by itself. In the end, the purpose of a photograph is to support your personal brand by “building trust”. 


Remember, personal branding is all about trust building. This is important because the next trend is business branding on top of personal branding. After people can feel like they trust you, you’ll get more value from it and will surely lead to forging trustworthy, fulfilling and mutually beneficial long-term relationships.


making a good first impression with your personal brand

Making a good first impression with your personal brand

You’ve heard the saying. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. That’s why it’s important these days to have a personal brand that really stands out. Many of us are constantly meeting new people and being introduced by others on a daily basis. You can either blend into the mix of being just another “regular” person or you can shine your personal brand and make a lasting good first impression each time you’re introduced to someone new.


Why it’s important to make a good first impression

Consider the fact that it takes less than 30 seconds for someone to decide if you are attractive or trustworthy. That basically means that the person you are meeting is deciding what kind of person you are by the first several words you may or may not say and also from your physical appearance. The clothes you wear, your hygienic practices, and your body language all play a part in making a good first impression. That person is essentially taking a snapshot in their mind and deciding whether they can trust you or not. Why is this important? Trust is the core of every good relationship and without it, a genuine connection with someone cannot be made.


A trusting relationship

Without trust, there is no relationship. Being aware of your personal morals and ethics obviously plays a big part in being a trustworthy person. Without having trust in yourself and knowing that you’re a good person is the first step. It takes some reflecting upon yourself to develop your own personal brand.


A positive first impression can cultivate worthwhile relationships, whether it’s business related or not. People will work with others they like to be around. They need to feel comfortable and know that they can share their thoughts and feelings with them without feeling that there is a risk of being betrayed.


Your personal brand is your first impression

When you meet someone for the first time, you often reveal your personal brand by the way you present yourself. Remember, 30 seconds max is all you have. Knowing who you are and what you stand for are keys to revealing your personal brand. You are a representation of your ideas, beliefs, and actions. Meeting someone for the first time gives you the opportunity to be remembered. By working on yourself, and coming up with a personal brand strategy, you’re sure to open up opportunities that can lead to accomplishing your life long goals.


A mutual, authentic connection

People want to get to know you. However, if you don't make a good first impression, they won't bother taking the time to get to know you. Within that 30 seconds, people determine whether they want to continue speaking with you. I believe that in order to make a good first impression that will can lead to a worthwhile relationship, it’s best to be your authentic self. 

Be yourself by speaking the way you normally speak. Of course, you may need to consider who you are meeting. A different level of respect may be required. However, generally speaking, showing respect, courtesy, and attentiveness for every person you meet will surely leave a good impression.

Here are 6 tips to making a positive first impression.

After all, when we meet people, we often determine if there is some sort of connection between us. We think whether we want to get to know the person further and possibly see that person another time. Fostering growth in any relationship begins the moment you meet someone new.



So the next time you meet someone new, you’ll be well-prepared to make a lasting good first impression. Knowing who you are, what you stand for, and what kind of impact you want to have in the world is a good start to figuring out how you want to represent your personal brand. First, it helps to determine what is your personal brand goal. Reflecting on your personal beliefs and how you treat people can help you to truly be your authentic self. It can lead to business opportunities, genuine friendships, and even romantic relationships. Be authentic and just be yourself and of course, remember to smile!


what is your personal branding goal

What is your personal brand goal?

I think most readers here already know that personal branding really matters nowadays. It helps enable many people to communicate with others. As a result, a community gets created bringing together like-minded people who are able to connect on a higher level. A strong personal brand is not about being famous on the internet. It’s not about having an enormous amount of followers either. Have you ever asked yourself what is your personal brand goal?

Know what your personal brand goal is

Before you start working on your personal brand and begin to put your time and energy into it, you really need to be aware of what you really want. Some people just want to be famous while others want to use their personal branding to magnetize like-minded people and build a community. Some people use it to encourage others while promoting self-development. Some want to become a professional or are working to advance in their industry or career. Then, there are others who use it to connect with customers and create opportunities to get new leads. Each of these goals are very different and broad. However, the term “personal branding” can create many possible outcomes. Below are some examples.


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Your personal brand goal is to be a thought leader

Regardless of any topic or industry, this goal is grand yet challenging. The good news is that it’s achievable. To be someone who is considered a thought leader, you must provide great ideas that are worth sharing within the world of social media. Such thoughts and ideas must also have an impact and have an affect on the community so grand that it could potentially change the world to be a better place. For this, you have to earn trust from the thoughts you share and make it positively impactful for your personal branding. For this you need a medium that allows you to express your thoughts, communicate with others, and create a following. This can be done on platforms such as Medium and Twitter.

Your personal brand goal is to find new leads

Once you build your authority on social media, you’ll create the opportunity to start sharing your products and services. Developing a well-thought out landing page to collect your new prospects will be a key step in your process. Your strategy might be to build your community around Instagram and Twitter. This will lead to greater awareness of who you are and what you stand for. Part of your personal brand goal is not just not just let them know you. But you’ll benefit greatly by getting to know them too. This can be accomplished by creating your landing page where people are willing to give their contact information to you. This is where you’ll reach out to your new prospects and start getting feedback on who your list of community members really are.

personal brand goal
personal brand goal

Breaking it down

Some people might have big ambitions to become an inspirational thought leader. It will likely take a very long time and it might just seem impossible in the beginning. But trust me, today no one knows your capability better than yourself. To make it realistic, you need to break down your grand goal into smaller goals. And try to achieve your goals in milestones. It can be done in months or even broken down into each week or each day. How many blogs will you write per month? How often will you research and post per week? How many Tweets you will put out per day? Contributing your thoughts consistently and thinking with a long term vision is a must in achieving your personal brand goal. We have blog post about personal branding tips for you to improve your personal branding.

Keep measurements on the feedback you get. It might be a comment you have on your blog or a reply you get on Twitter. Your goal is growing 10 followers per week. If you cannot reach 10 per week, you just need to step back and ask yourself why. This can be one of your smaller goals and asking why can lead to an answer that’s easier to figure out. For example, you may send a tweet at the wrong time. You send tweet at night but your audience may not be active at night. When you keep figuring out the small problems every week, in the long-term you will be more likely see and figure out your big personal brand goal.

Choose the right path to reach your goal

After you become aware of your personal brand goal then you must decide which way you will go. For example, if you want to share knowledge from your research, you may consider writing a long form blog. Going into depth as much as possible in your post might also be the perfect place to download your research white paper including technical details. Your goal is to become a professional in your career or industry, then you know text form is best for you. Or perhaps, if you dream to be a professional photographer yet you’re still studying in college, the way to build your career path is to put your work out there on social media. You might want to include your behind the scenes and relatable content and techniques on YouTube or Vimeo.


Each individual’s personal brand goal is different. But once you first become aware of your goal, then break it down, you will walk the right path. With this, you’ll know what you want to be and what you are doing to achieve it. It will make more sense for you as you set to accomplish your personal brand strategy and get closer to reaching your goal.

The easiest way to do social media content marketing

Social media content marketing is all about branding. And your website is all about information. What do you say?

Social media is an important part of branding because people follow the brand on social media to consume what is new. It’s where people can consume content from your brand every single day. It can even be seen many times per day. It’s rare that someone would go back to check your website on a daily basis.

Why is that?

The difference is that when you create content on your website or blog, you’re not able to let people know that you’ve just released new content. This is because a website and blog aren’t really designed for a community. They are designed to put out content. On the other hand, social media is built on the basis of sharing. Most people will create content on the web or in a blog and then share it on social media hoping it will bring people to visit their website. The norm is that social media marketing is the most effective way to share.

What if I tell you are wrong?

Most of the social media tries to keep the user on their platform so they have created algorithms that scores your post. The ones that have an external link has a lower score compared to the content hosted on its platform. If we compare the same video content and place a link from your website or another video platform, we can see that the content hosted on its platform gets more reach.

What should we do?

We need to create original content on each platform. You may be thinking, hey it’s easy to say but to create content on your blog is already taking up all your time. Blogging does take a lot of time. We all know how it is. Even more time is required when it comes to creating video content. Consider the extra time it takes to come up with a story script before you can even start shooting and editing. It seems like there is no space for another type of original content.

Go back to the purpose

The easiest way to do social media content marketing is to go back to the original purpose of social media, which is to share our “status.” But today, social media has become a lot of different things as people try to add more content into the post. It’s all good but when we post all rich content we tend to forget to share, “how we feel” or “what we think.” It’s just a simple and effective thing we can do to add value to our brand. It can be about how you may feel or think about a certain situation happening in that moment. It can be done with your brand or with social.

Save time on content making

With this, it’s hard to procrastinate when we don’t have time to write about how we feel, isn’t it?  Because the core of personal branding is to hopefully get people to engage with you and your status, this is the easiest way to do social media content marketing to increase your personal brand awareness. The keys are the present moment and time. It’s true we can post within a matter of seconds. But we don’t want to post something without providing any meaning or value. Sharing something engaging and memorable would be the best case scenario. Because of that, timing is also an important factor in this. We recommend finding breaking news or a topic that society is currently interested in. You can simply share your opinion about it based on what you stand for and what you believe in. Stay true to yourself.


After you know your personal brand strategy and other than writing a blog post or crafting sophisticated content, try to make time to share your thoughts of what’s on your mind and what’s happening around you. This can be the easiest way to do social media content marketing and make your personal brand more authentic and more human.

Personal branding for college students is important

Many students don’t realize just how important personal branding really is. When college students don’t put any effort in building their personal brand, they’re not fully experiencing the outside world. Some students may think that personal branding is for the business person. This is a big misconception about personal branding.

Working on your personal brand can attract like-minded people at your college by creating people’s perspective about you and how you want your friends and your professors think about you. This is also so critical for opening doors and creating future job opportunities.

Here are tips some about Personal branding for college students

Personal branding for college students

Know what you are good at

Build awareness about yourself and what you really like to do. What is your passion? What makes you feel alive? In personal branding, becoming aware of yourself and being authentic is the important part. Know what you are good at and extend your knowledge from what you already know and what you really enjoy doing. Sharing your interests and hobbies is a great way to start because it is who you genuinely are. Authenticity is everything.

The good thing about self-awareness is that even if you may not know about yourself it will help you to discover yourself faster. And the more you know, the sooner it will lead you down the right path. It will begin to flow naturally. Start sharing your journey if you dream to be a businessman, a businesswoman, a writer, a creative, a marketer or anything you wish to become. By doing it now, you’ll start to build a network of like-minded people who you can start collaborating with. You’ll start making the right connections with people who will gladly help to make your dream come true. Of course, you will feel inclined to help them in return. It’s a win-win collaboration.

Personal branding for college students

Meet more people in real life

Socializing and networking is an important key in meeting more people and it’s certainly the best way to expand your network inside and outside of your college. When you keep expanding your network it will attract even more like-minded people to you. Some people might think that because we have online social media, people can connect there. However, sometimes people are wrong about making friends on social media because to create a good and meaningful relationship, we still need to meet them in person. And human interaction is very, very important. Especially Personal branding for college students because you are less busy than the business person so you have a lot of time and flexible to meet people.

Create your online branding

First, if you have extreme party pictures or inappropriate content on your social network accounts, it’s a good idea to clean that out. Make a fresh start and you can choose which ones you will use to show that you are a professional.  It can be Linkedin or Twitter. Choose one and then create a nice and professional profile picture. Next, craft your personal profile and create clear descriptions of who you are and what you represent. 

Then, start to create your unique content. It can be done by simple text or by blogging or making videos. Share your knowledge about what you have to offer to other people. Don’t think because you are not considered an internet influencer or guru that you can’t post and share your content. You don’t have to be a well-known guru with thousands of followers to share your knowledge. You may be thinking, well, if I’m not a guru  then what can I possibly share? Simply share what you have learned or what you already know. Tell people what lessons you have learned to make you smarter. How are you becoming a better you today? If something has inspired you, it is highly likely that the same exact thing will inspire other people too. Like Nike says, just do it.

Spend some time studying new and interesting things that connects you to your major and your interests. For example, if you’re studying finance you might do some research about FinTech. Or if you’re studying a certain language or teaching, you might research topics related to that country or dialect you’re learning about. When you start doing this, you’ll begin to come up with new ideas and be a better self at the same time. 

Your personal brand will show off your passion

At your age, you might not have a lot of experience and that’s good. The world is searching for college students who are passionate in what they do. Your youth is an advantage. You have much to learn and share with the world. Be sure to remain authentic and show off your passion from this point on. Your personal brand is the knowledge you are building and what you are willing to share with people you have met. If you can commit to this, it will lead you to a bright future and endless possibilities. The world is waiting for people like you. This is why Personal branding for college students is important.