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Why people are wrong about making friends on social media

Do you add new friends on Instagram, Facebook or Linkedin often? Maybe you would add ten per month and some of you may add hundreds per year. But the question is, how many of them became your real friends?

People think Social media will help them connect with people to make more friends. When first meeting new people, most people ask to connect with them on social media and try to become friends. But It could be the wrong way to build a relationship with new people. Research shows that social media addiction makes it harder to keep friends in real life. The survey found that six in ten respondents meet up with friends less frequently, with 55 percent agreeing that social media has made relationships with friends more superficial.

Think about it. Social media does not make you more friends. Human interaction does.

In this article, I will share with you 4 simple ways to help improve your relationships with others after meeting new people.

  1. Start with the basics

    To make networking more meaningful, you need to meet them and interact with them. At networking events, instead of adding people on a social network, consider giving people your basic info. Give your full name and not just your IG handle. Also, give multiple ways to connect with you such as through email, your phone number and your social media profile link.

  2. Share your identity

    Many people don’t really pay attention to your identity. In the past, a professional businessman or businesswoman would hand out their personalized business card to other business professionals. Within their custom business card includes a specific design that can tell the character of that person or show the character of their company. But today most people just give their social media handle. This has a lack of identity and might lead to a superficial relationship. Instead of just sharing your social media handle or sending a link, you might want to try Squiqr contact sharing tools to add your personal touch. It can add a better look and feel and ultimately, a stronger connection with your new contact.

  3. Share regularly

    People say “sharing is caring” within your network of friends when you connect to that person. The stories you share to your network are the values you can give to others. You might share something you discover in your professional life such as tips you came across in your career. It will make your personal brand stronger in your professional networks and create positive effects on all your friends within your social media.

  4. Call regularly

    Most people send a text but when someone calls, it makes you feel special. It’s the same way when you call to talk to them. You’re not just showing that you’re genuinely thinking of them. You’re also making that person feel important and he or she will notice that you give priority to them. You don’t need to call them every single day. It depends on your unique friendship with that person. It can be once a month or once a year. Does it seem like it’s not enough? It depends on how many contacts you have. Let’s say you are able to call one person a day. If you have more than 365 contacts in your list, it will take one year to call everyone on your contact list.


If you’re thinking that you do not have many meaningful friendships and are tired of superficial relationships or you feel people in your network seem to fade away,  I recommend that you try to perform 4 basic ways of human interaction. It will help you improve your networking and make better, long-lasting relationships.

networking over spring break

Networking over spring break

Networking over spring break may not have even crossed your mind. After all, spring break is all about sun, fun and partying, right? Who would take this time off from school to go off and network?

Many spring breakers choose to go get tan and tipsy down in Cancun. However, others do opt to go get their foot in the door to land a potential job offer. It is an opportune time to start networking with people and establish connections for the future.

Here are a few ideas for networking over spring break. Don’t worry, you can still have the chance to take a break and have some fun.

1) First, consider choosing a destination where you would like to end up working

Although the warm, sandy beaches of Cancun would be a cool place to work, it’s unlikely that you’ll find something you’re looking for. Depending on your career path, you’ll find certain cities that are ideal for your career. For example, if you’re in tech, there are plenty of other booming cities to find a job beyond Silicon valley.

Opportunities, starting salaries and security are definitely things to consider too when researching which city to visit. Fortunately, the job market is looking up right now and there’s opportunities spread all throughout the United States.

Here are the 10 best cities to find a job.

2) Whichever city you plan to visit, look up any events that may be going on

Attending a conference for a day could be all you need to make some contacts and practice your networking skills. At the minimum, you’ll get some exposure to the industry that you’re interested in. This could also help you determine whether your particular career path is right for you. Better to know now than later.

Yes, conferences may be pricey, especially since you’re most likely just a college kid making it out on your own. As an alternative, search for some networking events or even sightseeing tours or groups. A great place to start would be the website, Here you can search for all kinds of events and groups in different categories. It’s super simple to search by city too. There are plenty of free events, which makes it even better.

3) Reach out to family or friends

Our closest network is our family and friends. Do you have relatives in any cities on your list? Although they may be older and old school, they just might have the right contacts to help you get your foot in the door. And since it’s their hometown, they can guide you on where to start networking with people.

Remember, conferences and events aren’t the only options to make new prospects and meet new people. Places like bars, restaurants, lounges and coffee shops are also great places to network. It's just about knowing the right places and times to go to.

First impressions

No matter where you end up going for spring break, networking with people is always something you should have on your mind. You never know who you’ll meet and you’ll never have a second chance to make a first and purposeful impression.

Be sure to have your Squiqr cards handy for when you make those new contacts!

Happy people connecting and enjoy spring break!

sharing contact information with squiqr

Share your contact information without typing in any letters or numbers

Share your contact information without having to type a single letter or number


Are you someone who likes making new friends? Are you a social butterfly? If so, you probably often give out your name and number to people who gladly save your contact information into their Contacts list.


No more typing in name and numbers

How many times have you had to repeat the spelling of your name? Listing your phone number again and again? With Squiqr, this can now be a thing of the past. No more awkward moments of spelling out and re-spelling out your name as your newfound friend fumbles to type in your one of a kind, uniquely spelled out name.


Unless you have a simple-spelling name like Joe or May, you may have to repeat your name. Even then, May can be spelled M-A-E. People like being different. Yeah, it really doesn’t take that much longer to spell out names, especially short ones like Joe and Mae. However, auto-correct can be a little annoyance too. Foreign accents can throw us off as well.



Little numbers on keypads and human fingers (especially fat ones) don’t make the best combination for saving someone’s phone number. They’re not exactly a fluidly synced pair like coffee and donuts or gin and tonic. Repeating, backspacing and retyping does take a little extra effort and time. The thought of needing to slim down one’s finger girth can be good thing, however.


Problems solved

A swift scan of your Squiqr code is all it takes. With your own personalized Squiqr code, there’s no need to spell out your name and repeat your phone number three times. A squiqr code contains all of that info that you normally say so there’s no need to well, say it. Instead, you can spend that moment of time talking to your newfound friend and getting to know them a little better.


In addition, you can also talk about how much smooth’r, smart’r and quiq’r it is to use Squiqr to give our your contact information.


Multiple Squiqr cards

The cool thing about Squiqr is that you can create several different Squiqr cards. You can make one that’s more suited for your professional network and one that’s more appropriate for your social network. After all, sharing your Instagram profile with everyone may not be the best idea for some of us.


Squiqr PRO

As a business professional or savvy networker, this is a good way to get your contact information into your new prospect’s phone. At least you’ll know that your name, number, title, phone number and email are saved into their phone. With paper business cards, there’s a high likelihood that your contact info goes straight into the wastebasket.


It’s for a good cause

Squiqr is trying to change the way people exchange business cards and their contact information. Since most of the 10 billion business cards printed every year get thrown away within a week of being exchanged, there has to be a better, eco-friendly way to doing this.


We hope Squiqr is the force behind the much needed change.

Would you use Squiqr? Share this with someone you might think would like this.

Get a job fast: Networking Tips for College students

You are a college student and you may be thinking about what you want to be in the future. It means that soon you’re ready to go to the real outside world. But you don’t know many people who will lead you to get a job you love. You know what... It’s never too early to start networking.

From this research show, the average American knows 600 people. You need to expand your connection and relationship outside of your circle of friends and your college. If you’re looking for a job or internship, there are so many opportunities outside but to get there you need to know them.

Build your mindset
Before you start to do anything, the most important thing is your mindset. You have to set your mind right. Make it clear to yourself you want to know more people because of what and you have to be aware of yourself, your age and your experience. Now it’s your time to get to know people and you will talk to them. Get to know them and especially if you know you’re an introvert. Set your mind to know that you will not give up on anything that might happen in a networking event or any of feeling you might have. This will be your first time and everything will not be as smooth as you dream it to be. Just keep making new friends, get to know more people and be positive.

Keep active about networking
You should start by staying informed about your local college clubs and start small in your college. Soon you will find yourself meeting more people outside of your group of friends. It’s a good place to start networking because you will become more comfortable since the students on campus are the same age as you. As a college student, it’s easier to find people interested in the same thing as you.

Friend / Teacher / Professor
You can start asking people around you, including your professor to be the ones who can introduce you to someone new. Do not be afraid to go to talk to your professor or to your friends about the topic you’re interested in. It doesn't necessarily have to be a teacher you know or whom you took a class with. You might get some valuable advice or you might get an introduction to interesting people outside of your network.

Your goal is to make a friend
If your goal is to get a job to be careful don’t do a job search in the networking event. Now you don’t have a wide network. I suggest you focus on the fundamental first. That is, get to know more people. Focus on that and don’t worry about people you talk to. They don’t need interns of unavailable job positions at that moment. But they will keep you in mind and they will let you know when a job becomes available or when they need you.

Offer help
Maybe you might have a chance to talk to the manager or owner of a well-known company in your town. Most people think they have a big title because they’re doing well in their career or because they can do anything and they’re good at everything. This is why they become a manager. But it’s not true. You just have to let them know your skills and your mindset. And offer to help if you have a chance. Managers may be good at management but they may not know about how social networking or how to get Instagram followers. So offer help first, don’t just ask for a job.

revolution of the business card

Prepare your profile
While networking with people, the traditional way is to give your business card so people can reach you when they need to. But at this time people don’t just ask for a phone number anymore. People want your e-mail address, your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account and they even might ask about your portfolio website. You should be prepared for this. If you don’t have a business card because you think it’s too serious because you’re a college student or can be any reason you don’t have a business card. This can be good solution for you, offers a free digital business card.

And last but not least. Imagine if someone you want to get a job from them looks at your profile, it will not be good a good impression if they see pictures of you dancing on the table with many shots of tequila. So be careful and be professional.

Networking is an investment, there will be a lot of benefits when you have to expand your network for the future. And you never know, maybe you’ll make a lot of new good lifelong friends. Start with small groups in your college and keep asking people about the person you want to meet. And don’t forget, the important thing is that a networking event is not a sales exhibition. Offering help and being honest are keys to building a relationship and extending your network.

6 reasons why you should stop using business cards at networking events.

Today no one looks at business cards, so why are you still printing (and wasting) them?

Sometimes people forget, they just do things from habit. This is a checklist for you to see whether or not you have this habit and maybe you realize don’t need to have a paper business card anymore.

You think you have too many business cards from networking events
How many business cards have you collected so far? You have too many and you sometimes feel annoyed when you try to find a specific card, or you tend to have them all over the place - in your cardholder, your wallet and in your backpack. And in the end, you can not find a business card that you need.

You throw every single business card away
Many times you receive business cards from a person at a networking event or after meeting and in the end, you realize your wallet is swelling, and you just throw them away. Most of the time you just use it to type a persons name in your mobile phone.

You use the card because you are tired of name spelling
When you have to go to meet people who speak a different language, many times, especially if you’re a foreigner, it is tiring to spell your name and email address. In the end you just use a paper business card to help you out with this. For the remaining part, you feel is it unnecessary to have it.

You do more than one thing
How many cards do you have to print and carry around with you? People who think like this are freelancers, bloggers, vloggers, music producers, or students who work on part-time jobs and yes, last but not least, business owners. Hobbies such as your music track or vlog which you upload on YouTube every week are also important. You want to promote them and share them with people you know, but you want to separate them out from your business.

You have your smartphone with you all the time
If you think you have your handy devices with you all the time, every day, all day, you never leave home without it, and you already work and communicate with people via mobile device. You are aware that when you receive a business card you will have to add all contact details into your phone, having your phone with you at all times, assures you won’t miss any new networking opportunity.

You are Eco-Conscious
You are living in an Eco lifestyle and you care about our impact on nature. You feel happy every time when using degradable straws and reusable cups. You subconsciously know people will throw away your business card sooner than later. You know your business card will be labeled as trash. You also don’t want to be irresponsible to your environment.

You see yourself having habits like the five points mentioned above, but you have never considered to stop using paper business cards because people around you are still collecting them. With Squiqr the digital business card, I’m sure you can have a more efficient way in connecting with people, in giving your contact details to people in a smoother, smarter, quicker method without losing your professional look.