Sharing contacts is more fun with Squiqr's paperless business cards

Squiqr is the smoothest, fastest way to share your contact info – done with a swift scan of your personalized QR code business card!

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Reflect your personal brand, hobby or business with a flash of your very own Squiqr digital business card

It's simple


With a swift scan using their camera, your new-found friend will see your contact deets appear right into their Contacts list.

Be smarter with Squiqr Pro and help stop deforestation


For all you professionals and savvy networkers who are eco-conscious, caring and compassionate of our planet, this is for you.


No more misspelling names and typing in all those digits. Add your company name, title and address too, if you wish.

Squiqr Business


1 Squiqr Business Card = 1 New Tree Planted

Save trees

27 billion business cards are printed everyday. That's a lot of paper, ink and a whole lotta waste.

Spend wiser

Squiqr cards last forever saving time and money all the while you're protecting our planet.

Socially purposeful

Connect mindfully and contribute to bettering our ecosystems and the lives of others.

Decrease waste

No need to re-print cards if you switch jobs or positions. We'll just update your Squiqr code.

Sales Representative for ADT Security

"'s really helped us generate a lot of sales lately."
Rikki H
Executive Producer/Owner of Magic Lemonade

"It works so well. I love it. I've been using my Squiqr cards everywhere."
Ajax Y
MD for Weil Cornell Tri-Institutional Pain Fellowship

"I no longer need to carry around business cards at all the conferences I attend. The best part is that my info goes straight into their phone. It's a much smoother and efficient way to give out my contact info. This is the new, eco-conscious way of exchanging business cards. "
Michael S
Fire Engineer & Safety Specialist for LAFD

"I carry enough equipment everywhere I go and the last thing I need to worry about is where to hold business cards. Squiqr's paperless cards are perfect for me and anyone else who doesn't want to carry unnecessary things."
Stephanie C
Life Coach & Environmentalist

"It's a great way to reflect my personal brand. It feels good every time I use it and share the purpose and mission behind Squiqr."

Save our trees, busy bees and planet, please

When you go Squiqr PRO, you make a positive impact