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3 Tips to establishing a human connection with someone

Establishing a genuine human connection is clearly more challenging these days. Everywhere you look, people are connecting socially but they’re doing so by looking down at their phones. Connecting with a person on a human level requires two people to establish an energetic bond that creates the feeling of being seen, heard and valued. You just can’t get that deep of a connection through a mobile device.


The most basic ways to connect include eye contact, body language, and tone of voice. Therefore, the best way to establish a human connection with someone starts with good old-fashioned human interaction. 


Life is better with genuine connections

We’ve all seen and heard some of the stories about certain millionaires and even billionaires. Fancy cars, huge mansions, big yachts, and even trips around the world doesn’t equate to a happy, healthy and fulfilling life. Human connections is a core element of human nature. It’s an essential part of our overall well-being because establishing human connections promotes health and helps prevent physical and mental illness.


Here are 3 Tips to establishing a human connection with someone


  1. Smile, smile, smile!


Smiling doesn’t just occur at one’s lips. When we are smiling with the whole body, it shows the other person that we are genuinely interested in he or she. Body language is something that can be given and received and your counterpart will definitely know that you’re engaged with them by the way you speak with your body. 






The Dalai Lama has said that smiling is more important than meditating. And that’s coming from the head monk of Tibetan Buddhism.


Smile with your eyes and be present, focused, and engaged with the other person. This way, you are communicating and connecting on a humanistic level. Communicating consciously with an open mind and heart reveals trustworthiness, which is critical in establishing a human connection with someone.


  1. Ask engaging questions

Hi, how are you? So, what do you do? These just don’t seem like genuine questions these days. It almost feels like an obligatory way to avoid snubbing someone. Questions like this only elicits short-ended, disengaging answers. Asking an open-ended question, typically one that gets the other person to critically think about their answer can make you more memorable. It reveals that you’re genuinely interested in getting to know them on a deeper level as opposed to a superficial, “I don’t really care” type of level. If you truly care, you’ll put in the effort to make that connection.


An example of an engaging question that I like to ask is, “What is your purpose and passion in life?” This allows the person to not only reflect a bit, but it also tends to spark a fire within themself. We all have the need to feel valued and being asked to share what they can offer to the world can uncover so much about a person. 


More importantly, it’s also a way to see how you can possibly help another person. The beauty of connecting with someone is having the chance to help contribute to their life purpose and happiness. Ultimately, happy living really comes down to giving and by helping others.


  1. Be a bit witty

Being serious is not that fun. Seriousness is appropriate for certain situations like at funerals and at the bedside of someone in the intensive care unit. Meeting someone for the first time or perhaps seeing them again in person doesn’t need to feel so formal. In fact, it makes it impersonal.


Being witty makes you more humanized and helps others to feel more at ease. It also makes you more approachable and trustworthy. It shows that you’re comfortable with yourself and with the other person. Building upon a creative, witty remark is definitely more engaging, relaxing, and just plain fun. 



Human interaction including the way we speak, the way we move our body, and the way we communicate are the differences in establishing a human connection with someone. It helps to create a feeling that we all desire. After all, we feel the need to feel noticed, valued, and appreciated. A good way to remember on how to engage in a meaningful, human connection is to ask how you would feel if someone were to live out these tips during your next human interaction. We all can appreciate the Golden Rule. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.


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