The easiest way to do social media content marketing

Social media content marketing is all about branding. And your website is all about information. What do you say?

Social media is an important part of branding because people follow the brand on social media to consume what is new. It’s where people can consume content from your brand every single day. It can even be seen many times per day. It’s rare that someone would go back to check your website on a daily basis. 

Why is that?

The difference is that when you create content on your website or blog, you’re not able to let people know that you’ve just released new content. This is because a website and blog aren’t really designed for a community. They are designed to put out content. On the other hand, social media is built on the basis of sharing. Most people will create content on the web or in a blog and then share it on social media hoping it will bring people to visit their website. The norm is that social media marketing is the most effective way to share. 

What if I tell you are wrong?

Most of the social media tries to keep the user on their platform so they have created algorithms that scores your post. The ones that have an external link has a lower score compared to the content hosted on its platform. If we compare the same video content and place a link from your website or another video platform, we can see that the content hosted on its platform gets more reach. 

What should we do?

We need to create original content on each platform. You may be thinking, hey it’s easy to say but to create content on your blog is already taking up all your time. Blogging does take a lot of time. We all know how it is. Even more time is required when it comes to creating video content. Consider the extra time it takes to come up with a story script before you can even start shooting and editing. It seems like there is no space for another type of original content. 

Go back to the purpose

The easiest way to do social media content marketing is to go back to the original purpose of social media, which is to share our “status.” But today, social media has become a lot of different things as people try to add more content into the post. It’s all good but when we post all rich content we tend to forget to share, “how we feel” or “what we think.” It’s just a simple and effective thing we can do to add value to our brand. It can be about how you may feel or think about a certain situation happening in that moment. It can be done with your brand or with social.

Save time on content making

With this, it’s hard to procrastinate when we don’t have time to write about how we feel, isn’t it?  Because the core of personal branding is to hopefully get people to engage with you and your status, this is the easiest way to do social media content marketing to increase your personal brand awareness. The keys are the present moment and time. It’s true we can post within a matter of seconds. But we don’t want to post something without providing any meaning or value. Sharing something engaging and memorable would be the best case scenario. Because of that, timing is also an important factor in this. We recommend finding breaking news or a topic that society is currently interested in. You can simply share your opinion about it based on what you stand for and what you believe in. Stay true to yourself.


Other than writing a blog post or crafting sophisticated content, try to make time to share your thoughts of what’s on your mind and what’s happening around you. This can be the easiest way to do social media content marketing and make your personal brand more authentic and more human.