What does QR code stand for

What does QR code stand for in personal brand

You may have seen QR codes used widely in business both online and offline. Have you asked yourself, what does QR code stand for?

QR code (short for Quick Response Code) is a trademarked abbreviation for a type of matrix barcode (or two-dimensional barcode) first designed in 1994. It was created to increase production efficiency in the automotive industry in Japan.

Now QR codes often contain data for a locator, identifier, or tracker that points to a website or application. A QR code uses four standardized encoding modes (numeric, alphanumeric, byte/binary). 

QR codes are not just used in the production industry anymore because it can contain data that’s useful in today’s Smartphone technology and eco-conscious era. We all carry our smartphones and all of the brands have a camera bundle. It makes QR codes more useful and efficient because it helps the user not have to read, remember and re-input information into their phone.

In branding

QR codes have been widely used in branding for awhile. We have seen them in print ads, billboards, and packaging. They typically contain product information or a website landing page embedded into QR code.

Use case

Fashion Icon Brand Calvin Klein Jeans has made a whole billboard displaying a QR code that sends the user straight to their website. It makes this billboard more than just brand marketing. It creates interaction by sending curious users to the website.

Giant QR codes in Times Square NewYork  Advertising agencies have displayed information with giant QR codes on animated billboard screens. This allows people to have easy access to relevant information right on the spot. When scanned, the QR code sends users directly to a mobile-friendly website.

Personal Branding

It’s super convenient. Squiqr sees the benefits of using a QR Code to share contact information, connect like-minded people and build authentic relationships. People are able to send their pre-selected contact information at a glance while saving trees and reducing paper waste. We think business cards are old and outdated and there’s absolutely no need for wasteful paper business cards anymore. After all, in today’s Smartphone era it’s about time for the revolution of business cards

With the use of a QR code business card, which we call Squiqr cards, anyone can develop and share their personal branding in a more fun and purposeful way. By using a customized Squiqr code (QR code) that we create, you can ensure people will have your website link or access to your landing page. It’s a great way to lead them further into seeing your content, which can lead to more sales. It’s a natural, no pressure progression after meeting someone in person. They can be lead directly to your about page, store page, or can even take them right to your social media accounts. And this is what What does QR code stand for in personal brand.

See how Squiqr codes work and start sharing your work, passion, and purpose with others.

There are two main reasons it’s important to build your personal brand by using a QR code. First, at networking events or meeting places, it’s not convenient to hand out paper business cards. It is tiring and time-consuming for people who have received countless paper cards to type in all those contact details into their phone. Giving someone your business card doesn’t necessarily mean that they will add your contact information into their phone either. It’s been shown that 88% of business cards are thrown out within one week. But with Squiqr, your new contact simply points their camera onto your Squiqr and your contact info appears into their address book in a flash!

The second reason is the negative social impact and environmental impact that wasteful business cards create. When we think about one-time use products we often think about plastic bags, plastic bottles or plastic straws. Most of us don’t realize that paper business cards are also a one-time use product. From our data, we found 27 MILLION business cards are printed each day in the US alone. A lot of our natural resources including trees, water and air are not only wasted, the process of producing paper and utilizing these resources causes harm to people, plants, animals, and our planet. 

Smooth’r smart’r quiq’r 

Now you have an answer to your question, what does QR code stand for? Our tagline says it all. Start sharing your contact information and building your personal brand using QR codes and you’ll see how fast, easy and convenient it is to use. Moreover, it’s not only used for the purpose of doing business. We are helping to solve the negative social impact and environmental impact associated with deforestation and the making and printing of paper business cards. We are leveraging this technology to create a paperless business organization and a new solution of personal branding tools that make a positive impact in our world. (Read an interview about the social impact Squiqr is making on OurGoodBrands.com)