Personal branding vs Business Branding

Personal branding vs Business Branding

Think about how branding has been in the past. We may think about how companies like Coca-Cola competes with Pepsi or the likes of Burger King vs McDonalds. But today it’s not just about popular business brands and their big budget marketing campaigns. Personal branding is about people and their widespread opportunity to communicate too.

Personal branding and business branding

Because of the internet, we’re also given the opportunity to connect with others. We’re not only able to communicate via text to people within our circle, we’re able to communicate with others outside of our circle as well. Anyone can see how and when we share our message too. Now, what is different from business branding? 

Yes, it’s the same. Most people don’t realize how important personal branding is from now and into the future. Especially for an entrepreneur, they can work on both personal and business branding. Because nowadays, it’s more than just business branding. Customers look into what and who is behind the brand. People like to connect with the person behind the business brand. 

Business branding

The business brand is about stereotypes when people think about your company or your product. The marketing team has to try so hard in getting people to listen to your brand. They spend lots of time and money raising awareness on its high quality or popularity of the brand. It’s possible to establish brand identity from marketing your product. You can do this by targeting your customer audience or from the usability of your product. Products that differentiate from others in its quality is another way to stand out from other similar products.

Personal branding

It reflects your personality into your avatar image and because of that it is hard to make it or fake it. This is because the “product” in your brand is “you” and you have only one version. You don’t have a product line to market to different market segments like the business brand product. You don’t have a normal product and premium version and that’s why it is so important to be yourself. The people who likes or matches your personality will find you.

Next trend is Business branding on top of Personal Branding

In the future, we believe business branding will continue to be more humanistic. The brand is a reflection of the team behind the brand. The team members behind the brand are the brand representatives. If your brand is “Playful” it will come out from each team member who genuinely have a fun and playful personality. If the brand is “Premium” the team will give off that premium type of energy into the brand name too.

In this way, it’s best to attract other people to buy into you and your people first. When people support you, they will then buy your product. Personal branding is all about selling yourself and showing what you stand for. And when you have a good reputation, people will like the character of you as a person as someone they can trust. Building a personal brand that is very strong is the key to making it happen. People will buy from you because they feel like they know you. You’ll separate yourself and stand out from many others as someone who is great at things you do.


And this is all about personal branding vs business branding. Business branding is making your brand reach out to the market. It can build and it can change when your product changes. But personal branding is more difficult to change because it takes a long time to create a good reputation. Patience is required for allowing people the time to get to know who you are. A personal brand can be fundamental to the business too. If you haven’t started doing anything about your brand, now is a good time to start and make yourself stand out today