making friend on social media

Why people are wrong about making friends on social media

Do you add new friends on Instagram, Facebook or Linkedin often? Maybe you would add ten per month and some of you may add hundreds per year. But the question is, how many of them became your real friends?

People think Social media will help them connect with people to make more friends. When first meeting new people, most people ask to connect with them on social media and try to become friends. But It could be the wrong way to build a relationship with new people. Research shows that social media addiction makes it harder to keep friends in real life. The survey found that six in ten respondents meet up with friends less frequently, with 55 percent agreeing that social media has made relationships with friends more superficial.

Think about it. Social media does not make you more friends. Human interaction does.

In this article, I will share with you 4 simple ways to help improve your relationships with others after meeting new people.

  1. Start with the basics

    To make networking more meaningful, you need to meet them and interact with them. At networking events, instead of adding people on a social network, consider giving people your basic info. Give your full name and not just your IG handle. Also, give multiple ways to connect with you such as through email, your phone number and your social media profile link.

  2. Share your identity

    Many people don’t really pay attention to your identity. In the past, a professional businessman or businesswoman would hand out their personalized business card to other business professionals. Within their custom business card includes a specific design that can tell the character of that person or show the character of their company. But today most people just give their social media handle. This has a lack of identity and might lead to a superficial relationship. Instead of just sharing your social media handle or sending a link, you might want to try Squiqr contact sharing tools to add your personal touch. It can add a better look and feel and ultimately, a stronger connection with your new contact.

  3. Share regularly

    People say “sharing is caring” within your network of friends when you connect to that person. The stories you share to your network are the values you can give to others. You might share something you discover in your professional life such as tips you came across in your career. It will make your personal brand stronger in your professional networks and create positive effects on all your friends within your social media.

  4. Call regularly

    Most people send a text but when someone calls, it makes you feel special. It’s the same way when you call to talk to them. You’re not just showing that you’re genuinely thinking of them. You’re also making that person feel important and he or she will notice that you give priority to them. You don’t need to call them every single day. It depends on your unique friendship with that person. It can be once a month or once a year. Does it seem like it’s not enough? It depends on how many contacts you have. Let’s say you are able to call one person a day. If you have more than 365 contacts in your list, it will take one year to call everyone on your contact list.


If you’re thinking that you do not have many meaningful friendships and are tired of superficial relationships or you feel people in your network seem to fade away,  I recommend that you try to perform 4 basic ways of human interaction. It will help you improve your networking and make better, long-lasting relationships.