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Personal Branding and Social Media - Tips on how to improve it

Personal Branding and Social Media

A great addition to your Squiqr contact info would be to follow up with maintaining your personal brand on social media. Personal branding online goes hand in hand with Squiqr. It gives you the opportune chance to show who you are and what you stand for when you make that critical first impression.

The great thing about sharing online is that you can show the world whatever you feel at any point in time. The not so great thing about sharing online is that you show the world whatever you feel without thinking of how it will affect people’s perception of your online ‘brand’.

Promoting yourself by sharing online, gives you an opportunity to create an online persona that reflects both, your personal values and your professional skills. Even if you use social media a small amount, that content you do post will define the public narrative of who you are. In today’s world, your online image is a reflection of your actions and efforts offline. Let’s take a look at a few personal branding tips to help.

Ensure your social media accounts are updated

First things first. Decide which social media account(s) you want to be your main goto account. Delete any old ones you no longer use. It’s important now that all your info is up to date and accurate. This will help you with online traffic down the road, while at the same time remove any ‘questionable’ content from the past that may conflict with the current you.

Let everyone know what your expertise is

Whether marketing, current events, entertainment or anything else requiring knowledge or talent, everyone is an expert at something. Do you know your strength? Do you have a passion for it? Can you see what content you’ve posted that has had the most feedback and response? The more unique and engaging your content is, the greater the possibility of your users seeing you as an expert in that field.

Share regularly

In the olden times of social media, the more you posted, the more popular you became. Gone are those days, replaced by a sweet spot of about 3-4 times a week for individuals. Oversharing today looks desperate. You may wish to do this for one or more of your top accounts.

Now you won’t be posting every day and somedays you won’t want to post anything at all, and that’s ok. The important thing to know for this scenario is that you analyze your data from your posts and identify any patterns that work for you. Also, use the personal brand QR code to make people have your social account on their phone address book.

It’s all about creative and engaging content

First off, yes, its ok to re-post, but don’t make it a habit of that’s all that you do. Your personal social brand needs to be original, created by you, written by you to demonstrate your expertise in your industry. This shows you have the knowledge of the latest trends and mad skills to be a leader showing how your industry is evolving.

Being creative means taking a leap and showing your audience a bit more about you. Remember it is ‘social’ media and sharing a bit about how you got to where you are or engaging bits about your personal life will go further than static impersonal posts. Let’s just make sure you don’t overshare things like the effects of eating too many tacos the night before.

be positive and reflect your personal branding to be true to yourself
Radiate positivity and stay true to yourself. :)))

Keeping it  positive in your original posts are critical to having your posts shared. Look at your posts as fifty per cent, who you are professionally and personally, and fifty per cent, part of your resume body of work. Religion, race and politics can be hot buttons so be mindful when approaching any of these subjects online with your input.

Groups help

Searching on Facebook and LinkedIn for example, are great ways to find groups focused on the topics and industries you have a keen interest in. Find those groups, join in and most importantly, be productive and participate. Sharing your insights, builds authority around your personal brand. After all, it is the ‘social’ part of social media that will help get you there quicker.

join groups that align with your personal branding
Join groups that align with your personal branding.

Stay the course and keep it consistent

Your personal branding relies on you keeping consistent with your image, messaging, and tone. You will definitely be in a trial and error period at the beginning, but over time, you will determine what works best for you.

Don’t forget to study your influencers as well. Connect and collaborate when possible. It will take time, but this is great for promoting your brand over the long run. Take the time to analyze their networks, posting habits, content etc. to see what works, so that you may improve upon it to work better for your brand.

To sum up personal branding

Personal branding may be not easy to create and maintain online. You need to give it major thought and time to see where you want to be. It’s about what you stand for and what your people expect to see or hear when you post new content. It is also about regularly looking at your own brand to see what works and what doesn’t in order to keep evolving over the long-term.

However, if you know what you stand for and know what your beliefs are, then it can be easier than you may think. Stay true to yourself, and in the end, your personal branding is simply who you are to the outside world.